Saturday, May 12, 2007

Exploding Scrapbook Box

I've finally started my own Etsy site! I'm slowly adding items to it. One of the things I'd like to have sucessful sales in are my exploding/scrapbook in a box. They're ultra cute and make awesome gifts. I've had a bunch of people who aren't too familiar with these ask me what they're supposed to do with them. So I completed one last night, pictures and all, as a basic guide.

Each tag on the inner layer pulls out. I attached a photo on each and did some quick journaling on the back.

I left stamped small areas for journaling.

Lot of embellishments to help your photos pop.

Another example of a journaling stamp. If you don't care for these, you can always cover it up with another photo.

Please visit my site. I will be adding more items very soon!!

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