Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I've Never Met Eyes Like Yours

This was for a scraplift in a myspace group. It's not like the original...it has some of the elements, but I'm thinking I should have stuck witht he original b/c I'm not like this. LOL. I'm preeeeeeeeeetty sure I'm going to be redoing it. Maybe tonight. I love the photo of my son and the title is from an Alkaline Trio song. I was listening to them the other day and when I heard that line, I automatically thought of this picture.
So as of right now, I have this layout and a Lisa Frank layout to do tonight.
Not too much longer! Josh is going to be hooooome!

What To Do, What To Do...

I've spent most of the day going through boxes and boxes of stuff in storage. BLAH DEE DAH. Then I spent the rest of my day packing what I could without the kids pitching a fit (I guess I"m going to have to pack up the rest of their toys while they're asleep).

I just don't know. A part of me wants to send a teeny part of my scrap stash in my express shipment to Germany. It'll be there when I get there, whereas my regular shipment won't arrive until a month or more after I arrive. Then there's the other part that says I may not have time to scrap, so why bother.

Then another part is holding on to the hopes that I get picked for a DT so I'll NEED something to create LOs.

And then there's another part of me that is saying that we won't have a car for almost two months, so I'm going to need something to pass the time while Josh is at work.

There's two more voices bickering...one says to send some "kits" in a flat rate box while the other one is saying to just take a break.

With all these voices going on, it's no wonder I can't make a decision!!


ps- Word on the street is that there has been some spottings of American Craft Thickers at DOLLAR TREE. I know I may have a previous post complaining about their stickability, but they're still hella cute. I may have to do a run in on the few we have here in corpus.

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Circus! The Circus! I Love the Circus!

We went to the circus this weekend. :) The kids had a blast. They were enamored with the elephants, which I knew was going to be their fave part.

another one

My "Anberlin's Laws of Property" is another featured layout on Scrapbook.com.

That's a good thing right? I need to snag a photo of it.

:) New layout up today at some point.



Mommy's Little Monster


I just love the new Love, Elsie line. Can you tell? And check out that rockin' sugar skull chipboard from Magistical Memories. If you've never seen their stuff, go now!!! There's a linkee doo on the right hand panel of my blog. I filled the spaces with puff paint and just doodled around the face with my ♥ Gelly Rolls ♥ .


PP: Love, Elsie (Riley), American Crafts, DCWV
Chipboard: Magistical Memories, Colorbok, AMerican Crafts,
Letter Stickers: Love, Elsie, American Crafts
Pen: Sakura Glaze and Souffle
Heidi Swapp Ghost Shapes
Metal Charm by Joanns
Stickers: KI Memories
Ribbons: American Crafts, Lil' Davis
Misc: Puff Paint, Embroidery Floss, Jewels, Safety Pins

I used the star scraps from my star punch around the outline of the scalloped patterned papper (which is freehand). I also used a metallic gelly roll around the edges of ghost shapes. You can't tell, but the color was an orange gold. Just around the edges of the gold, you can see the bright orange. It's really cool.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Anberlin's Laws of Property

I made this one based off of a Simple Scrapbooks sketch. I like the concept of it...something is throwing me off though. Anberlin cracks me up with all of her facial expressions. I think I'm going to make a mini book also with the shots from this little "shoot."

the details:
PP: Basic Grey Sophie
Stickers: American Crafts, KI Memories
Chipboard: Heidi Swapp
Pen: Sakura Glaze
Ink: Colorbox
Misc: White Puff Paint

Wow. My day started out like crap and now it's brightening up!

My kids decided to wake up at 7 am this morning and I wasn't a happy camper. I only had a few hours sleep, so it's safe to say I was a grumpa grump all day.

Then the mail came.

I got a Fancy Pants Kit with Prima Sprites from Kelly! AAAAAND some LISA FRANK stickers from Angela. I can't WAIT to use my new goodies!!!

THEN. I get an email from this new stamping company, Inque Boutique. I was one of the first 1000 people to sign up for membership to their site and lookee what I won! It's one of only 1,000 limited edition "Chanteuse" See-D's stamp sets!
Their site has a bunch of cool stamps. Check them out at http://www.goinque.com
Off to attempt to pack a few more boxes and separate the things that are going to charity. Someone sign me up for one of those pack rat shows. LOL.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Always Follow Your He{art}

I love bright colors! And this line by Rhonna Farrer also has OWLS on it. *swoooooon*

I ♥ birds. :)

Paper and rubons: Rhonna Farrer (Autumn Leaves) French Twist, Petite Hibou
Chipboard: KI Memories, Prima, American Crafts
Making Memories brads, ribbon, clip
Cardstock Stickers: American Crafts
Joanns rubons, bookplate, heart charms
misc jewels


Don't you hate waiting for email responses?

Here's a teaser...been feeling like I need to actually post some work on this blog! I've been working hard but have been saving my layouts for DT calls.

I just about finished another layout tonight but I'm not loving it. I love the concept, just not the way it came out. I may have to toss it aside for now and redo it at a later date.

I have butterflies in my tummy. :) Josh is going to be home oh so soon and I'm going to feel like a teenager in love all over again.

All gooey and mushy and all of that disgusting stuff. :D ♥ ♥ ♥


Thursday, July 26, 2007

A little ego boost for the day...

First layout on the right.


Going Back to my Roots

Get it?

Cuz the blonde was growing out?

Get it?

And aren't my new earrings kick ass? I made a pair of pegasus ones too. :D

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Say Hallo to my Leeeeetle Friend

Simply because I'm a big kid.

And it plays my Ipod.

And it's tail swishes.

And it spins.

And it lights up.

And it was only $7.

hee hee. ♥ FISH ♥

Monday, July 23, 2007

work work work

I've been busy busy busy, but I only have a couple of things I can show ya'll.

A sneak peek of my altered item gift to my secret sister. LOL. Although she already knows who she is since she's hosting the darn thing. It's really cute. I hope she likes it and likes the color scheme. Kelly, I know you just cringed...I was too lazy to thread all the buttons. I used zots to adhere them. I'm not quite sure if that was a great idea. I mean, they're all stuck on good, but they're not flat. Although, I do kind of like that b/c it gives the buttons more depth.

I'm attempting to go out for some design teams. I originally planned on submitting this layout, but changed my mind. The colors are throwing me off...well I think the pink is throwing me off. Anyhoo, this is my cure for a bad day:
-Cry and get it over with.
-Lots of deep breathing.
-Fall Out Boy
-Hot Mint Green Tea
-The Get Up Kids followed by some Dashboard Confessional to wallow in some self-pity. LOL.
-Hot Shower
-More Green Tea
-Stevie Wonder "Uptight"
-20 minute speed cleaning
-Put on make-up
-Gym Class Heroes "Clothes Off!"
-Make the kids laugh uncontrollably
-Find good deals on clothes or scrap stuff.
-Clean off my scrap table.
-Justin Timberlake "Sexy Back"
-Cherry Coke Zero
-Amy Organic Spinach Pizza
-Hugs and Kisses from the kids
-Watch "Frasier"
-Josh's sarcasm
-Michael Jackson "The Way You Make Me Feel"
-Watergun fight with the kids
-Sign Language
-"I Love You"'s from Josh
-My Chemical Romance
-Tetris. :)

PP: Love, Elsie, My Mind's Eye, Basic Grey
Chipboard: KI Memories, American Crafts
Stickers: KI Memories
Rhinestones: Making Memories
Photo Corners: Heidi Swapp
Pen: Zig, Sakura

Okie dokie. Off to work on some more stuff.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

a la

I made another trip to Joanns yesterday. This time I found zots, adhesive runners, glue tabs, and photo corners for 50 cents. Making Memories kits for 97 cents and KI Memories sets for 1.97. More glitter pens for 50 cents. Blank cards...50 cents. Vintage buttons from MM for .97. That was my fave find.

I got an adorable explosion box in the mail from fellow scrapper Utah Cathy. lol. I can't wait to put the kid's Halloween photos in it!!

My friggen awesome chipboards should be here any day now. I'm too impatient. I need to finish my prior obligations before I start working on my own projects. I finished a custom order wedding box last night and I finished all the basic paper piecing on a "racing" themed album last night as well. Hopefully I can get the energy to finish it today. No. I NEED to try to finish it.

Here's the wedding box:

There's lots of pages that lift up to give the bride more room for journaling and extra photos. I used the Basic Grey Romani since it had a lot of the colors from her wedding.

I'm feeling so stressed today. The movers are coming to my storage unit on July 30 and to my house the next day. I'm thinking of packing a couple of flat rate boxes up of some homemade kits to help tide me over until I get my household goods delivered. But then again, by the time we actually get to Germany, our things might be there. I hate making decisions. Oh, our flights are booked and we leave on September 12!!! That's later than I expected, but oh well.

So tonight I'll be on the computer putting up Ebay lots of lots of gently used clothes. Argh. Such a pain. lol. I think I need a nap to clear the mind.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Projects Lined Up

Arrrrrrgh. Don't you just HATE waiting for goodies to come in the mail??

I had to buy a new idea book b/c my old one got full and messy. Anyways, it started pouring rain this morning, but it's letting up, so I'm off to Joanns to scour through their clearance stuff...AGAIN.


ps- hint for an upcoming project...Hootie, Who? lol. It's going to be greeeeeat.


Rather than make another new post for the day, I'll just update. I got back from Joanns a little bit ago. HOLY CRAPOLA.

Here are some closeups of my fave finds.

The markers were only 25 cents and the gelly rolls were 10 cents!!! I may go back for the rest. LOL.

I bought alot of basics...just to stock up. Another Crop In Style bag for $7 to hold embellishments, pens, etc. Most everything was between $.10-$1.97. The rain held off while I was shopping too. :) It was a good day.


PS- This is why I hate rainy days in south Texas. It brings these:

Monday, July 16, 2007

How To Make A Flower Yo-Yo

I cheated and bought mine, but they're pretty easy to make. Here's an AWESOME step by step tutorial by Heather Bailey.


Find of the Day

Joanns Joanns Joanns. What am I going to do with you?

Pretty much the WHOLE embellishment aisle was taken down and was sitting in huge bins with bright red stickers on it. There were two workers on the aisle and they told me that the merchandise would be ready tomorrow. eeeeeeee.

I did find this. It's a crop in style "bead" tote, but I can use it for my little embellishments. It was only $3.50. I don't know what the regular price was, but shoot, you're looking to spend around that amount for the Crop In Style plastic containers that came with this. LOL.

I am going to attempt to pack some of my scrapbooking things in our express shipment to Germany. I just don't know what I'm going to bring! I figure I'll fill my rolling tote (that I've never used) and this too. I'll just have to be sure to coordinate everything. I picked up more of the Elsie line today. I can't wait to work on more layouts with it.

The Soda Ban

Originally, I planned on not letting the kids have soda until they were a bit older. I'm not a huge soda drinker. A 12 pack lasts me a couple of weeks. Anberlin however is sneaky and can reach the countertops now...and that = she can steal sips of my or my parent's sodas.

I found these little fabric pieces and I'm in love with them. LOL. You'll be seeing them on my works from here on out.
The Details:
PP: Love, Elsie; Anna Griffin
Pens: Sakura glaze/souffle
Chipboard: Lil' Davis
Glitter Letters: Me and My Big Ideas
Stickers: American Crafts
Photo Corners: KI Memories
Misc: buttons

Got Out of the House Today

We went to play on the carousel today. One day I'll actually get to ride it by myself and I won't sit on a horse. I want to ride in the little teacup and spiiiiiiiiiiiiiin. :D

Stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home to pick up back packs for the kids for the plane ride. I plan on slowly filling it with goodies and presenting them with it all the day we leave, so they have new things to look at and play with. I picked up a new composition book also b/c my idea/sketch/doodle book is full. The back inside cover had this and it reminded me of a thread in a scrapbooking group (Aja, this is for you):

I'm about to say goodbye to my hair. I am going to redye it blue black and turn some of the chunks of blonde into red. I may possibly do this tomorrow, depending on if I finish my gazillion things on my errands list. So this could quite possibly be the last photo of me for a while with blonde highlights/chunks.


PS- that's my fave shirt...it's a harajuku lovers shirt. it says "lovers" on the front and the back looks like the back of a TV with the video in and out plug ins. totally cute and found it at Ross for hella cheap. Ya'll know me, cheap till the end.

New scrap page up tomorrow once the sun comes through the bedroom window!!

PPS- At the end of my posts, I usually try to run the spell check. I just did and it's telling me "blonde" is spelled wrong. ??? LOL.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Valentine's Mini Book

An oldie, but goodie. :) Here's a mini book I made for Josh last Valentine's day. The book is by Colorbok and it was a mini kit. The whole book snaps shut, so I had to keep the embellies down to a minimum if I wanted to shut it! :)

This book is currently in Korea...if it were here I'd take better photos of it. One day. TFL.

I ♥ my kiddos

Sebastian always stands on the window sill.

Josh bought this dress for Anberlin last Christmas (he bought me a matching one too...awwwww!). I was packing up the closet this morning, boxing up things that I don't need in the near future. Anberlin saw me pull out our matching dresses and exclaimed, "ooooooooooo! it's BEAUTIFUL." So I put it on her and she was my little asian princess for the rest of the day.

This series of photos is a good example of her constant change of facial expressions. She's 3 years old and quite a character. At first she was angry at the fact that I made her sit by the window (I needed some natural light), but she soon hammed it up for the camera. I really like the shots of her looking out the window. I tried to tell her to find a cat or a boat outside, but she wouldn't. Then I exclaimed, "LOOK! Daddy!" I know, I know, it's mean, but it got her to look. Sorry Josh. :) Don't get sad. You'll be home sooooooon.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Never Turn Your Back

This evening I was busy reorganizing and putting away my finds from the craft store. I turned my back for a moment to get a drink of water. The next thing I hear is a crash and the sound of buttons hitting one another on the carpet. arrrrrrrrgh. But it was a good sorting lesson for the kids. I had their attention for a good 15 minutes while they helped me resort and put away the buttons by size and color (a bit OCD for you). Then after their 15 minutes, they started throwing the buttons up in the air or stuck them on their faces and limbs.

ps- Don't you just hate it when a photo has the opportunity to be adorable but comes out blurry?? I need a new camera. *cough* Josh *cough*


Especially when these are on sale:

Joann's was killing my bank account today. Not really. As soon as I found these babies marked down to $4.97 (from 19.99) and $3.97 (from 9.99), I put back most of the things I originally grabbed. These are tied for first on my "favorite pen" list (tied of course with the White Signo Uniball). They write so smoothly and the texture is to die for. The glaze have a shine to it (duh) and I just love the 3d effect and feel.

My husband thinks I'm crazy for loving a certain brand of pen. It's just one of those things!


ps- If you have a Joanns in your area, I'd drop on by to see what they marked down. I got some beautiful rhinestone brads from CK for $.97, photo anchors, safety pins, ribbon slides (from MM), ribbon for $.50. I'm kinda bummed I missed out on the adhesives they had on sale. I'm trying to stock up on my basics before the big move, so today was a great day for shopping!!!