Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Art of a 3 Year Old on a Rainy Day in July.

For those of you in Texas, you know the horrible rain that we've been getting. Well, wonderful to me b/c I love stormy days (but not nights). I had to figure out rainy day activities for the kiddos. Anberlin is easy....give her a pen/marker/crayon she's happy for quite awhile. After going through at least 20 sheets of paper, I decided to make a book displaying her little cute drawings from these rainy days. She likes to narrate things to, as she draws them. So if she said anything in particular, I was sure to add it on that page.
*sigh* Unfortunately, I'm not digging on this book. I've only completed what I'm showing you. I'm kinda at a standstill...scratching my head at it. I think it's because I made myself a little personal challenge out of it: Only use scraps from your "scrap" box. I'm just not feeling it. I like the cover though. A lot. lol. Maybe I just need to step away from it for awhile and work on the dozens of projects I have lined up.
If you have any ideas, I'd LOVE to hear them.
**the details**
ok, well I'm not going to go into all the PP I used. Chances are it's been used on a layout that's been posted on this blog...and if it hasn't, then the layout is in queue to be uploaded.
The book itself is just a children's board book I picked up at the DollarTree (for a $1). I took a craft knife and took off the spine to allow room for the embellishments. This was my first time making one, so I already know what I would do differently. I was feeling lazy and didn't sand the book down first (so if you are going to make one, I suggest doing that first). I modge podged the paper down and laid a book down on top to ensure a flat finish.
To bind the book, I was really cheap. I rifled through my dad's work area in the garage and found some zip ties. I tied some ribbon scraps around it to hide the off white tint. Oh, and I didn't zip them all the way...only maybe a quarter of the way, that way I still have plenty of room to embellish and there's room for the book to open up completely.


Larissa said...

I think the book looks fantastic. I can wait to do this project. Thanks for the helpful hints on how you put it together.

Cynthia said...

Anberlin's drawings are cute! Looks even cooler the way you displayed em in the book.

Lal said...

WOW! I totally love it!! I just came across your blog a while ago...hmm...I can't even remember from where!! Geez...I hate it when that happens!! Anyway, I really love it and may try to make one for my eight year old son who loves to draw. I think I'll add a link to your blog on my blog if that's okay :)

Lal said... is where I found the link to your blog! LOL I can stop going crazy wondering! LOL