Monday, July 16, 2007

Got Out of the House Today

We went to play on the carousel today. One day I'll actually get to ride it by myself and I won't sit on a horse. I want to ride in the little teacup and spiiiiiiiiiiiiiin. :D

Stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home to pick up back packs for the kids for the plane ride. I plan on slowly filling it with goodies and presenting them with it all the day we leave, so they have new things to look at and play with. I picked up a new composition book also b/c my idea/sketch/doodle book is full. The back inside cover had this and it reminded me of a thread in a scrapbooking group (Aja, this is for you):

I'm about to say goodbye to my hair. I am going to redye it blue black and turn some of the chunks of blonde into red. I may possibly do this tomorrow, depending on if I finish my gazillion things on my errands list. So this could quite possibly be the last photo of me for a while with blonde highlights/chunks.


PS- that's my fave's a harajuku lovers shirt. it says "lovers" on the front and the back looks like the back of a TV with the video in and out plug ins. totally cute and found it at Ross for hella cheap. Ya'll know me, cheap till the end.

New scrap page up tomorrow once the sun comes through the bedroom window!!

PPS- At the end of my posts, I usually try to run the spell check. I just did and it's telling me "blonde" is spelled wrong. ??? LOL.


**melissa lee** said...

Oooo...can't wait to see the new hair!!! I'm getting mine done hopefully, sometime in the next 2 weeks....

Have a happy, fun day!

Michelle said...

I think you can spell it either way.