Sunday, July 15, 2007

I ♥ my kiddos

Sebastian always stands on the window sill.

Josh bought this dress for Anberlin last Christmas (he bought me a matching one too...awwwww!). I was packing up the closet this morning, boxing up things that I don't need in the near future. Anberlin saw me pull out our matching dresses and exclaimed, "ooooooooooo! it's BEAUTIFUL." So I put it on her and she was my little asian princess for the rest of the day.

This series of photos is a good example of her constant change of facial expressions. She's 3 years old and quite a character. At first she was angry at the fact that I made her sit by the window (I needed some natural light), but she soon hammed it up for the camera. I really like the shots of her looking out the window. I tried to tell her to find a cat or a boat outside, but she wouldn't. Then I exclaimed, "LOOK! Daddy!" I know, I know, it's mean, but it got her to look. Sorry Josh. :) Don't get sad. You'll be home sooooooon.


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