Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Projects Lined Up

Arrrrrrgh. Don't you just HATE waiting for goodies to come in the mail??

I had to buy a new idea book b/c my old one got full and messy. Anyways, it started pouring rain this morning, but it's letting up, so I'm off to Joanns to scour through their clearance stuff...AGAIN.


ps- hint for an upcoming project...Hootie, Who? lol. It's going to be greeeeeat.


Rather than make another new post for the day, I'll just update. I got back from Joanns a little bit ago. HOLY CRAPOLA.

Here are some closeups of my fave finds.

The markers were only 25 cents and the gelly rolls were 10 cents!!! I may go back for the rest. LOL.

I bought alot of basics...just to stock up. Another Crop In Style bag for $7 to hold embellishments, pens, etc. Most everything was between $.10-$1.97. The rain held off while I was shopping too. :) It was a good day.


PS- This is why I hate rainy days in south Texas. It brings these:


**melissa lee** said...

Totally jealous!!! I have to wait until tomorrow to go to mine...and who know's what they will have...lol!!! That was a great deal on the pens!

Anne Thompson said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE Joann's! I'm from BC Canada, and we don't have Joanns here, but my friend and I will often take a trip to the states (only an hour drive for us) specifically for Joann's! When we were last there, they had 12x12 paper - 6 for a dollar!! We stocked up! Looks like you got some great stuff! Later, Anne

Marie said...

UGH! Those sqitos are nasty! You got some awesome buys!!! I woulda bought the whole freakin store! Great finds!

Boriquaz said...

omg i'm going to be a hater .. buy me stuffy stuff i'll send u moolah lol. btw that picture is awesome.

tonya said...

Just found your blog from sb.com.
I wish my Joann's had a sale like that. Good luck learning German. I've always wanted to learn....but it's HARD.

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

Hi Jessica! I just found your blog through your scrapbook.com site. I LOVE blogging as well. Yours is so chock full of scrapping ideas! Im glad I came across it. (And dare I say enabling too! I will be making a trip over to my Joann's to see if I can find some major markdowns!)