Friday, July 13, 2007

Just some photos...

Those who know me know that I *HATE* wearing shorts/skirts. Always have...well at least since highschool. It's just so darn hot now in south Texas. I found this skirt at Target for 3.50 and couldn't pass it up. I paired it up with a new tank from HT and new shoes I got for 8 bucks...I rocked it. LOL.
PS- My kids are craaaaaaazy. (That's PB&J in his mouth)


Michelle said...

It is such a great feeling when you get so many great deals and look fabulous wearing them! Yay!

Boriquaz said...

Isabella got that dress for her birthday ... it's still a little too big for her to wear. I think it's a 2t, in due time she will be able to wear that jean dress.