Monday, July 23, 2007

work work work

I've been busy busy busy, but I only have a couple of things I can show ya'll.

A sneak peek of my altered item gift to my secret sister. LOL. Although she already knows who she is since she's hosting the darn thing. It's really cute. I hope she likes it and likes the color scheme. Kelly, I know you just cringed...I was too lazy to thread all the buttons. I used zots to adhere them. I'm not quite sure if that was a great idea. I mean, they're all stuck on good, but they're not flat. Although, I do kind of like that b/c it gives the buttons more depth.

I'm attempting to go out for some design teams. I originally planned on submitting this layout, but changed my mind. The colors are throwing me off...well I think the pink is throwing me off. Anyhoo, this is my cure for a bad day:
-Cry and get it over with.
-Lots of deep breathing.
-Fall Out Boy
-Hot Mint Green Tea
-The Get Up Kids followed by some Dashboard Confessional to wallow in some self-pity. LOL.
-Hot Shower
-More Green Tea
-Stevie Wonder "Uptight"
-20 minute speed cleaning
-Put on make-up
-Gym Class Heroes "Clothes Off!"
-Make the kids laugh uncontrollably
-Find good deals on clothes or scrap stuff.
-Clean off my scrap table.
-Justin Timberlake "Sexy Back"
-Cherry Coke Zero
-Amy Organic Spinach Pizza
-Hugs and Kisses from the kids
-Watch "Frasier"
-Josh's sarcasm
-Michael Jackson "The Way You Make Me Feel"
-Watergun fight with the kids
-Sign Language
-"I Love You"'s from Josh
-My Chemical Romance
-Tetris. :)

PP: Love, Elsie, My Mind's Eye, Basic Grey
Chipboard: KI Memories, American Crafts
Stickers: KI Memories
Rhinestones: Making Memories
Photo Corners: Heidi Swapp
Pen: Zig, Sakura

Okie dokie. Off to work on some more stuff.


Michelle said...

You never fail to amaze me! Hope you get picked for a DT that you love.

Nicole Carro said...

I love that "how to cure a bad day" LO. The journaling is great.

Patricia Estes said...

Hi, I don't want to sound werid or anything but I have a feeling your from C.C.!! Me too!! Anyway I just wanted to tell you you have great pages on Wasn't that a great find at Joann's. they are making way for new product that's why all that stuff was on sale. my mother in law works there. Anyway. I also noticed your significant other is in the military. My husband is too, he's in Iraq right now. :( But anyway. Good luck and great work. take care

krystyn said...

Very cool LO. I'll have to remember this next time I have a bad day.

**melissa lee** said...

Love your list, Jessica! I'll have to steal this idea!!! I hope you get chosen for a DT...!!!

Michelle said...

..omigosh...i just stumbled onto your blog from Michelle's...and you rock..! that list is the best...=) especially the Dashboard/wallowing part...good luck with the dt thing! go for it!