Monday, July 16, 2007

Find of the Day

Joanns Joanns Joanns. What am I going to do with you?

Pretty much the WHOLE embellishment aisle was taken down and was sitting in huge bins with bright red stickers on it. There were two workers on the aisle and they told me that the merchandise would be ready tomorrow. eeeeeeee.

I did find this. It's a crop in style "bead" tote, but I can use it for my little embellishments. It was only $3.50. I don't know what the regular price was, but shoot, you're looking to spend around that amount for the Crop In Style plastic containers that came with this. LOL.

I am going to attempt to pack some of my scrapbooking things in our express shipment to Germany. I just don't know what I'm going to bring! I figure I'll fill my rolling tote (that I've never used) and this too. I'll just have to be sure to coordinate everything. I picked up more of the Elsie line today. I can't wait to work on more layouts with it.


**melissa lee** said...

Did they tell you what they have coming in? I plan on going to mine either tonite or Wednesday. I know that the last time I was in my JoAnne's, they had a hella bunch of stuff on clearance...but, that has been about 3 weeks. Anyway - yeah..I love the kit clubs. The ones I love are Story of my life, Those were the Days, zingBOOM, Scrapologie, and several others...lmao!!! There are just too many. I have a link that I'll pm you via myspace that is updated monthly on the kit club scene...pretty good info...

Melissa :)

Michelle said...

You got me so excited that I went to Joann's yesterday and they didn't have the glaze pens. When I asked, they said they haven't carried them for about a year. I did get some cute adhesive ribbon by KI Memories. $1.00 for a spool of 3 feet.