Sunday, June 29, 2008


A photoless, quick entry.

Been pretty sick all week. Tonsilitis strikes again. Today was the first day I could eat and drink without cringing in pain.

Took the kids to a "Volksfest" and enjoyed the 80 degree weather with a cool breeze. The food was excellent and it was overall a good day. Actually, it's the first day in a couple of weeks we didn't need a sweater. That still blows this Texas girl's mind.

Still trying to get things set up for teaching. Going to speak to the legal office to see if I need a license. Not sure how it will work on the base.

Have a pile of scrap stuff to share, but when I'm not busy, I'm busy being lazy. :) Tomorrow, I promise I'll have stuff to share.


ps- this conversation with sebastian (which happens alot b/c he repeats the SAME question 10 times, even when he either knows the answer or has been told the answer).

Sebastian: Mommy. Mommy?
Me: *Blank stare
Sebastian: Mommy. Talk Mommy.
Me: *staring continues
Sebastian: Mommy, are you a statue?

Oh and half of the time, he's a cat nowadays. If you call him "Sebastian" he gets angry and insists that you call him "Kitty." He gets into full character too, with the meowing and rubbing his head on your cheek. Anberlin is obsessed with "Green Eggs and Ham." She mimicks the story with her play food. Pretty darn cute.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh To Be A Kid (photo heavy)

I want to start off my post with a little plug to my friend Heather's store. I designed a little kit for her that I think you'd like! For $15 you get:

Love, Elsie Forrest Ranger double sided
Love, Elsie Forrest Outdoors double sided
Love Elsie Bonfire double sided
Love Elsie Leaflet embossed cardstock
Flower Child lace paper

1 Grandma's wallpaper Antique White Overlay
1 yd brown floral ribbon
2 Gel Blossoms Flowers and some leaves. A mixture of the sky and kiwi (NOT the whole packet)
10 queen & co. brads 5 of each shade of green
15 Old Fashioned Buttons 5 ea of Small, Medium, & Large
6 flowers from the Petalo Daisy Box Blend 3 small 3 medium
2 trees from Maya Road Trees chipboard set as well as 1 bird and 1 apple

To find this kit go to Everything Scrapp'n, look under category Designed Kits. Heather also has a lot of specials constantly running, so it's worth it to check her out. Right now I believe ALL of the cardstock is 50%! That includes all the new stuff like KI Bloom and the lace cardstock.

Anberlin is out of her preschool child development school for the summer and we're back into the whole "let's find something to do" routine. Luckily we found out that she's been accepted into the regular preschool for next year! Now we need to get Sebastian a spot in a German kindergarten. We've been spending our days playing outside or staying inside (since the weather has been ugh lately) painting and reading stories.

I'm really looking into teaching scrapbooking courses at my base and the other one about 30 minutes away. I think it is something that people want to do, just don't know where to start. On Saturday I believe I'll take a drive to the nearby hobby store on a different base and talk to whoever is in charge. Wish me luck!

Monday we took the kids to this adorable place called "Playmobil Park." It's a family leisure park based on the playmobil toys. There are no rides, it's an interactive kind of place. The kids had a blast...Josh and I did too. The favorite spot was the Pirate Ship. We had to cross through a little lagoon to get to it (don't worry, the water was like a foot deep?). Once on the ship, the kids could climp up the mast, crawl under the deck, "steer," etc.

The other attractions included a medeival castle. When you sat on the throne, it lit up and a trumpet fanfare was played over the loudspeakers.
There was a farm area where the kids pretended to take care of animals. Yes, that is Anberlin "milking" a cow.
There was a giant play indoor area where they had the playmobil toys set up for the kids to enjoy. Anberlin went straight to the princess area and Sebastian found a little area filled with trains and airplanes.

Anyways, you get the point! It was a lot of fun and thankfully, not too far from our house. We've had to put a hault on our weekend excursions b/c gas is getting ridiculous.

New post coming tomorrow with scrap stuff. :) Ta ta.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The past few days were a whirlwind. I blinked and it was over. The trip to Holland was grand.

I left thursday afternoon and arrived within 45 minutes. Travelling is already nerve racking, but doing it by yourself in a foreign country is overwhelming. Schipol airport is huge and my meeting point was going to be in Departures. Once I got my luggage, I speed walked through the airport for maybe 15 minutes until I found my meeting area. I wore a bright yellow shirt so I could be spotted easily.

I left the airport with Heidi Heideveld, the owner of ScrapbookMate. She was so funny, but terribly busy and stressed the whole weekend. But once it was over, she was back to her normal fun self. Anyways, we made a quick pitstop at her house, which is in the middle of Amsterdam, right on a canal. I couldn't believe the thousands and thousands of bicycles I saw on the way there! Of course, my camera was in my carry on in a different vehicle so I didn't get a photo, but here's one I found online:

Apparently there is about 20,000 bikes parked outside Amsterdam's Central Station. It's amazing to see a parking garage filled with them.

Thursday evening was spent in Heidi's warehouse, finishing up kits and drooling over the vastness of her property. I cannot even begin to describe how HUGE her warehouse is. But to give you an example:

That, Dear Friends, is floor to ceiling Bazzill and it stretched from one end of the warehouse almost to the other. O_O She has evey prima imaginable, things I've never even seen! I can't wait to visit there again. After I wiped the floor clean from my drool, I helped kit the last bit of Karen Burniston's class "Wall Toy." She used the new October Afternoon papers that are so gorgeous! After an hour or so there, we made our way to the hotel in a town called "Noordwijkerhout." The hotel was lovely...definitely a place I'd stay again.

Friday started early in the morning. After grabbing a quick breakfast, I made way to the "Teacher's Lounge" a.k.a. the "VIP Room." lol. The whole weekend was spent running around, finding missing items for teachers, putting up a shop, working in the shop, teaching make and takes, and just helping out where I could. And in my spare time, I got to have really cool conversations with some of the teachers. The first one I met was Nellie Hulsman, a Dutch scrapper that everyone thinks is British because of her accent. I LOVE Nellie!! I feel like we totally bonded this weekend. Jen Starr talked to me for probably an hour about the industry. It was quite a learning experience. I had lunch with C.D. Muckosky and her husband on Sunday. Donna Downey was HILARIOUS and I got to hear Teresa Collins talk about some of her future plans. Lance Anderson got a kick out of walking up behind me and scaring me (I looked like an idiot screaming). Vicki Boutin was so cute, especially when she got self-conscience about her accent. I met a couple of ladies from a Dutch Scrapbooking magazine and we exchanged business cards. They love the Daily Inspiration blog and I've sort of formed a new business relationship with them. Totally excited about that one. Jennifer Moody had a lot of complications this weekend, the poor thing, but once it was ironed out, she rocked. Then on Monday, after finishing up her retailer demonstration, she let me have the extra kits to divide up amongst my design team. SWEET!! Then I shared a ride with Karen Burninston and her husband. Big thanks to Michelle Grant for showing me the ropes this weekend and being my chaffeur. :D She was so fab and I can't wait to see her again.

Give me a second while I sweep up all these names I just dropped.

So am I bummed I didn't have the chance to take classes? Totally! BUT, the things I learned could not have been learned in a class, so I think I made out pretty good. Speaking of making out, check out my stash:

I can't wait to play.

I have to confess, I took about 5 photos the whole time I was there. Sheesh. next time I go to an event, I am going to be animate about shooting. Here are the shots I managed to take:

This is a photo of two gals from my team, Mireille Divjak and Emma Trout. LOOOOOOVED these ladies. I mean, it's one thing forming an online friendship with some, but it's a whole new world when you get to meet them in real life!

I taught make and takes this weekend. I was under the impression that I would just be the "manager" and making sure the teachers were where they were supposed to be. Nope. But I'm not complaining because I really do want to get into teaching. I met some wonderful scrappers and seriously can't wait for the next event (which I believe will be in November).

I was sad to leave, but anxious to see my family. I arrived at the airport a little later than I wanted. When I jumped out of the van, the wheel on my carry-on broke!! So I had to run through the airport with a heavy case stuffed with scrap stuff, in some greek style sandals. Then when I went through security check, they told me to place my ticket on the top of my belongings. Well, I nearly had a heartattack when my things came out of the xray machine and my ticket was GONE. I started to shake, because at this point, I had about 20 minutes before my flight left. They found it though, stuck inside the machine. I didn't appreciate the looks of impatience that were shot by the passengers behind me, but what can you do? Once it was found, I RAN to my gate, which felt like was on the complete opposite side of the airport security check. So today, my arms and shoulders are sore and I have blisters on the bottoms of my feet from my sandals.

It's good to be home.

And last but not least, my Mojo project I did before I left.

Sorry for the long post. Off to clean and do laundry and fix dinner. No rest for the weary.


PS- The question of the weekend was "So is it 'Jess' or 'Jessica'?" Well, FYI, it's either or. I tend to type Jess online simply b/c it's faster. I respond to both so whatever you want to call me!

Monday, June 2, 2008

**Insert Gnarls Barkley Song**

I feel like I've been MIA for awhile. I haven't chatted with my girls on yahoo in a really long time. I'll be on tonight. I miss those crazy ladies.

The next few days are going to be a whirlwind for me. I'm taking a breather from doing layouts to post an update.

I'm leaving for the Netherlands on Thursday. Wow. Thursday!! I'm not even close to being ready. Last night I pulled down my rolling scraptote and found my cropping bag that I've never used. I plan on packing light since I'm hoping to score a lot of stash while I'm there.

There's nothing like the unexpected to put a little shake in your hands. I was trying to scrap yesterday for "Scrapping the Music" and I found it extremely hard to concentrate. I did my layout THREE times before I was satisfied. My anxiety is a bit on edge but this morning my transportation from the airport to the hotel was confirmed. For a while I thought I'd have to take a train from the airport into Amsterdam. Then from there take another train to a different city, then ride two different buses before arriving to the hotel. *phew* That is one thing I DO not want to do.
Here's some work:

The newest Scrapping the Music challenge is up, "Lost in the Moment" by Big and Rich. I don't remember the details of the day when I took this photo. One thing though, Josh rarely takes naps. I don't know how he does it. My mornings start around 630-7 am, depending if Anberlin goes to school. His starts with exercise at 530 and then he works until 5 or 6 pm. Naps are wonderful and if I can get one in with the kids, I'll do it in a heartbeat!

I have another layout up at A Daily Inspiration. Actually I whipped this one out this morning. Please visit the blog for a how to.

I started making cards in hopes of selling them on my Etsy. I liked the way these came out, although Josh thinks he would like them better if I didn't age/distress the backgrounds. At any rate, I used a mix of prisma color pencils and Sakura Gelly Rolls (Glaze and Souffle) to add a bit more dimension. I plan on making 2 more designs to sell tham as a set.
Lastly, I have decided to sell my Cricut. If anyone is interested please email me at I have the machine, instructions, one new mat, one extra cutting blade and FIVE cartridges to sell. I'd prefer to sell it as a set and I'm asking $375 for all of it (that includes S&H). Please pass an "enabler alert" if you know anyone who has been wanting one of these.

Ok. I've procrastinated and have to do my Mojo layout.
Cricut for sale. Pass it on.