Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh To Be A Kid (photo heavy)

I want to start off my post with a little plug to my friend Heather's store. I designed a little kit for her that I think you'd like! For $15 you get:

Love, Elsie Forrest Ranger double sided
Love, Elsie Forrest Outdoors double sided
Love Elsie Bonfire double sided
Love Elsie Leaflet embossed cardstock
Flower Child lace paper

1 Grandma's wallpaper Antique White Overlay
1 yd brown floral ribbon
2 Gel Blossoms Flowers and some leaves. A mixture of the sky and kiwi (NOT the whole packet)
10 queen & co. brads 5 of each shade of green
15 Old Fashioned Buttons 5 ea of Small, Medium, & Large
6 flowers from the Petalo Daisy Box Blend 3 small 3 medium
2 trees from Maya Road Trees chipboard set as well as 1 bird and 1 apple

To find this kit go to Everything Scrapp'n, look under category Designed Kits. Heather also has a lot of specials constantly running, so it's worth it to check her out. Right now I believe ALL of the cardstock is 50%! That includes all the new stuff like KI Bloom and the lace cardstock.

Anberlin is out of her preschool child development school for the summer and we're back into the whole "let's find something to do" routine. Luckily we found out that she's been accepted into the regular preschool for next year! Now we need to get Sebastian a spot in a German kindergarten. We've been spending our days playing outside or staying inside (since the weather has been ugh lately) painting and reading stories.

I'm really looking into teaching scrapbooking courses at my base and the other one about 30 minutes away. I think it is something that people want to do, just don't know where to start. On Saturday I believe I'll take a drive to the nearby hobby store on a different base and talk to whoever is in charge. Wish me luck!

Monday we took the kids to this adorable place called "Playmobil Park." It's a family leisure park based on the playmobil toys. There are no rides, it's an interactive kind of place. The kids had a blast...Josh and I did too. The favorite spot was the Pirate Ship. We had to cross through a little lagoon to get to it (don't worry, the water was like a foot deep?). Once on the ship, the kids could climp up the mast, crawl under the deck, "steer," etc.

The other attractions included a medeival castle. When you sat on the throne, it lit up and a trumpet fanfare was played over the loudspeakers.
There was a farm area where the kids pretended to take care of animals. Yes, that is Anberlin "milking" a cow.
There was a giant play indoor area where they had the playmobil toys set up for the kids to enjoy. Anberlin went straight to the princess area and Sebastian found a little area filled with trains and airplanes.

Anyways, you get the point! It was a lot of fun and thankfully, not too far from our house. We've had to put a hault on our weekend excursions b/c gas is getting ridiculous.

New post coming tomorrow with scrap stuff. :) Ta ta.



Boriquaz said...

OMG why isn't there a park like that here ... tell them to bring one to jersey, tooooo cute! Can't wait to see your scrappiness.

Michelle said...

I can't wait to get my hands on that cute. Super cute! Loved all of the photos. Sounds like a great park. Looking forward to your scrappy stuff.

Lizee said...

omg the pic of Amberlin milking the faux cow is too funny! love it!

Jill Deiling said...

wow great photos!! it looks like lots of fun. :) can't wait to see your new scrappy stuff!

Anonymous said...

OMG! My chickadee's would love that pirate ship! Looks like you had a blast! Very cute photo of you and Josh! and L*O*V*E your red tee!
cant wait to see your scrappy's

Melissa said...

Love all the pictures!!!! And YAY and kudos to you for teaching a scrap class!!!! I hope all goes well for you!

Have a great weekend!

Mireille said...

oh my goodness that's sooo cute..really enjoyed the pictures..
the kids went to a park aswell last week.. and last weekend we went to miniatureland..
totally cute!
Never asked you how far apart in age they are.. your kids and mine..

shelly b said...

that ship is really cool.

shelly b said...
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ricanlaw said...

Love, the family photos. You all are so beautiful.

Misty said...

Hello! I found your blog via; your work is fantastic and you have a beautiful family! Great blog :)