Monday, August 27, 2007


I rarely get sick, but alas, I guess my time was due. I usually deal with some health complication, not "leave me alone, I want to lay here in bed all day and suck on Halls" type days. So since I'm up earlier than the rest of my crew, I figured I'd update. Here are some more photos from this month.

On the 19th we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese and I tested out my new camera. I think Josh and I had more fun than the kids. :)

Yeah...I dunno. I thought these aliens were cool, the coloring and lighting was great, and therefore deserved a picture.

The kids weren't all that interested in playing the toddler games. They just wanted to hit buttons or throw stuff. This game that Sebastian is playing had fish in a pond and each fish was assigned a certain amount of points. The fisherman had a magnet at the end of his pole and for every fish the pole landed on in a certain amount of time, that's the points you were given. It was easy and Sebastian hit that damn button like crazy.

Another favorite of theirs (and my all time fave) is the ski ball. The kids got a kick out of seeing the balls being released at the beginning of the game and then handing me one ball at a time while I played.

Anberlin and Sebastian insisted on helping Josh and I put our huge stack of tickets into the ticket counter. At the end of the day we had 470 tickets, which I thought was a lot. That is, I thought it was a lot until I got to the toy counter and saw all it would get me was a pencil with a fat eraser. >:0 So we'll just save it until the next time we go.

August 22, 2007

Sebastian's First Haircut! I loved his long wavy locks, but it was looking awfully messy, so Josh and I decided to take him in to barber shop to get his first cut. You can see how it went. He screamed like a banshee, but luckily he didn't squirm.

All was calm until the first lock of hair was cut off.

Then the tears came, followed by screaming.

We tried bribing him with a lollipop but that didn't work. Then we tried Josh's iced mint green tea. Nope. I think it made the lady nervous so his cut was kinda lousy. LOL. It's not what we asked for, but what can you do? It's just hair and it'll grow back.

August 23, 2007
Back to the Duck Pond.

I was trying to capture a photo of a pidgeon grabbing a piece of our bread off the pier, but the kids kept stomping at them to make them fly. You can see the pidgeon's feet in the background. They were too scared of my kids to come any closer!

Here's Sebastian with his new haircut! I liked the way the sun was reflecting off the water's surface, so I was attempting to capture it in this photo. I got a little bit on his face.

August 24, 2007

Padre Bali Park

I'm too scared to bring my newer camera to the beach, so I just used the regular digital. One day I'll take the family back just for photos, but today was a family beach day. We had a blast. We started out the day with plans on going to the base pool, but once we got there, we were told it was only open on the weekends. Needless to say, the kids were pissed. So we hightailed it back to the island and the kids forgot about they're disappointment once we got to the beach, or as they called it, "ocean! ocean!"

Anberlin was more impressed with the sand than with the water.

August 25, 2007
Texas Treasure Casino Cruise

Josh and I finally had our once a year date. We spent the day on a casino boat out in the Gulf of Mexico. We purchased discounted tickets on base for $11 each. We brought $200 spending money so we could play on the slots.

While we waited for the boat to hit international waters (about 9 miles out from where we were), we were treated to a buffet that was entirely disappointing. I was so iritated b/c I skipped my morning medication for it! Ah well. At least there was a fresh veggie salad and a fruit salad to fill me up.

I was a big ballah on the slots! LOL. For anyone going on this cruise, the "Life of Luxury" slots paid me the best. We started out on the nickel slots. I hit a jackpot 3 times. I won around $210 off the nickels. Then we went into the quarter slots. I was watching Josh play and put a $5 bill into the machine I'm at (the life of luxury again) and just as I thought I had burned my cash, I hit a jackpot. The attendent came by and filled out a slip and said he'd be back with my money. Josh and I thought he said $111 but he came back and counted out $411! Josh and I were speechless. We went to the casino not expecting to really win anything. Later on, we went back to that quarter slot and Josh won $125. Not bad for a day, eh?

Towards the end, we decided to take a break and prevent ourselves from losing all our winnings. We sat on the top deck and listed to a Caribbean band play. *engh* Before the games were turned off, we played one more round, but lost what we alloted ourselves. But at the end of the day, we walked off the boat with 600 bones.

It's a shame that the winnings will probably go towards aquiring international auto insurance. ARGH. But at least we won't have to dip into our savings for it.

ta ta for now.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

NSBR; goodies keep falling into my lap.

I've never been a huge fan of electronica, but how can I resist the vocals of AFI's Davey Havoc? I can't. This CD is AWESOME and definately recommended by yours truly.

Aaaaand it's about time for a new obsession. Josh picked this up for me today:

I had been whining for one for quite some time now. The sales ads from Sunday showed that there was a new color being released along with the new Brain Age. I have to say that Josh likes it as much as me. The Brain Age is so much fun and truly addicting. And it has sudoku on it. I had never played it, but one of my best friends is obessed with it. I finally got the hang of it and yeah...I'm hooked now. LOL. Now I have something to pass the time on the long ass flight to Germany.

Tattoos have been on both of our minds too. Josh wants to add orange blossoms to his arm b/c it signifies eternal love, marriage, and fruitfullness (cue group "awwwwww!!"). I want something to represent my passion for not only my family but also creating art. I love this artwork by Rhonna Farrer and think it would be an awesome piece to get inspiration from. Ok, enough of the randomness blog.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

San Antonio pt. 2

Wednesday the 15th: Sea World

Thank goodness for the "Hero Salute" deal with any Anheuser Busch theme parks. We got free admission into Sea World! How great is that?

The first show we went to was Shamu of course. There were some "technical difficulties" though and the show ended up starting 20 minutes late. One of the whales got loose and wanted to swim around the tank with the two whales that were supposed to be in the show. I guess you really can't fight the wishes of a whale. The kids got bored while we waited for the show and Sebastian screamed his bloody head off. So this was the first and last sit down show we went to.

Remember, I'm a sucker for animal interaction. :) Since I didn't get to feed the lorikeets at the zoo, I took the opportunity to do it here. I was a bit irritated that it was $3 for a little cup of nectar though. I bought 2 b/c I knew the kids wouldn't be able to handle holding the cup properly. As soon as we walked in, the birds attacked. LOL. It was the first feeding of the day and I'm sure they were famished.

The kids were too small to ride most of the rides. Anberlin was tall enough for a couple, but we felt bad for Sebastian b/c he couldn't ride anything. We looked at a few attractions but it was so gosh darn hot. Josh and I were able to ride one roller coaster. We were walking by the "Great White" ride and saw that there wasn't a wait,so Josh went first and then I went on when he was done. I was able to walk right up and get on the next ride without waiting! How great is that? I wish it had been like that for all the rides.

So after a couple of hours of walking around we pretty much said screw the animals. We made our way to the water park to cool off. I didn't take many pictures b/c I was so afraid of getting the camera wet.

Here's Sebastian and I waiting in line for a locker.

Josh and I after the water park. I look so drained and lifeless without makeup! ARGH!!!

And this is my fave series of photos from the trip.




Monday, August 20, 2007

San Antonio pt. 1

We arrived in San Antonio on Saturday afternoon (the 11th) and got settled in to our shitty Studio 6 suite. It was a weekly stay place with a good weekly rate, so I shouldn't complain. Our first nights dinner was a gourmet feast of kimchi noodle soup, pickled radish, and kimchi for the adults and roasted chicken ramen noodles with veggies for the kids. Mmmm, right? LOL.

I brought a measuring cup along b/c I knew we'd be eating soup and look what happened to the poor thing. Our microwave was jacked up and wasn't rotating properly or something. While the microwave was boiling the water, I suddenly smelled burning plastic. LOL.

Sunday the 12th: Lytle, Texas
Three generations of Summers men.

Monday the 13th: San Antonio Zoo

We stopped for a quick cup of coffee and some donuts (or cake as the kids call it) at Krispy Kreme. When we walked in, we were handed a freshly glazed donut as a "sample." That brought back memories. When Josh and I had our first apartment, a Krispy Kreme was built next to the complex. I believe it was back in 2002. Anyways, it was the first in San Antonio and it was a big deal. People lined up for hours on grand opening day. Traffic nearly made it impossible to get into our complex. So on the day it opened, Josh and I decided to try it out. We waited in line for a little less than an hour and once we got it, we were handed a fresh donut. I admit, it was good...really good since it was hot and the weather was cold and dreary. But after that one donut, I was full. All that waiting to get full off on just one. We bought a dozen just so we didn't feel too bad about wasting time.

On to the zoo pictures.

Ok, so it was REALLY hot and I didn't take a lot of pictures. I just wanted to take the kids to the animals they wanted to see (elephants and jaguars) and leave. Then we came to one of the last attractions, the petting zoo. There was only pygmy goats, but that was good enough for me!!! I'm a sucker for animal interaction so I think I had more fun that anyone else!

I wish I had my new camera for the trip. :( There were a lot of good photo ops. Ah well.
More photos to come. Josh and the kids are getting bored without me.

johnny 5 is aliiiiiiiiive

It feels like I've been on the move since Josh has been home and it's such a great feeling. We got back yesterday from a wonderful vacation in San Antonio. We spent a lot of time with family in a little town outside of SA, called Lytle. That's where Josh grew up. The population is a couple thousand and it doesn't have much in it...maybe a bit of small town attraction and train tracks in front of his Mamaw's house to add to the charm. LOL. The kids got a kick out of seeing the trains that sped by every hour or so.

I promise I will post pictures tomorrow. I've been so drained as of late that I hop on the computer to check email and myspace and I log off.

I will leave you with this. One day Josh and I found our way to a newer shopping center on the Fiesta Texas side of San Antonio. I went into Ulta to buy some new makeup and Josh took the kids into Best Buy. I walked out with some new eyeshadow, bisque, and blush....Josh walked out with this for me:

I ♥ it so much. I'm slowly reading through the users manual but have already take some cute pictures with it! I told Josh that I hope he realizes I'm going to need more lenses for it too! LOL.
It's so nice having someone home to spoil me. :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Boys of Summer

Aaaaaah. Feel that? It's called relaxation. Energy. Stree free. Things are so much better since Josh has been home. Taking the kids out to the mall or to the park is no longer a chore for me to indure on my own. Now it's fun again.

The movers came and got all of our stuff. Now we have to figure out shipping our car. eeek!

San Antonio is on our agenda for all next week... Sea World, the zoo, and outlet shopping on tax free holiday!! Oh and lots of visiting with Josh's relatives.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Yesterday was a Busy Day

I got my hair done! I love it. It's layered just the way I wanted. Melody from Luxe Salon did a great job. She ran a "glaze" through it too to brighten the color and make my hair shiny. :D Before my appt I ran into Kohl's to kill time and browse through the clearance rack. I didn't find much...a cute Little Miss Sunshine shirt for $4. I saw this tee and the sign above it said $9.99. I loved it so much that I grabbed it. When I went to the registers, it rang up as $3.20. HOLY CRAP. Oh happy day.

The day went by sloooooooow. Josh's flight was about 15 minutes late but around 10:30 last night, I was back in his arms!!!

The kids were asleep when we got home, but Anberlin woke up briefly when Josh put "Frasier" on the TV. Her eyes popped open and I said, "Anberlin, LOOK! It's Daddy!" She was disoriented for a moment, studied his face, and jumped up into his arms with a big cheesy grin...the kind that gives you warm fuzzies in your tummy. She woke up early this morning excited too. LOL. The kids won't leave him alone now.

Mmmmmm, Joshua brought me a box of sweets from Japan. *drooool* I mean, the food is yummy, but the packaging?? Even yummier.

It's so nice having him back and having some help with the kids. :)

And I think I'm going to start collecting coffee mugs. I want to start a collection of places Josh and I have been. I figure we drink enough coffee and tea that they'll be put to good use.

that's all for now!!


ps- I picked up the new "Rockstar" slab from Joanns last night. *droooool* On sale for just under $10 too. Since it has double of all the papers, I think I'm going to use one sheet of some of the designs as wall art. I can't wait to get to Germany.

Monday, August 6, 2007

HARDCORE: Since 1981

Ahhh, here's my personal challenge layout from Cathy from NJ. I had to use Lisa Frank stickers...and whenever I think of Lisa Frank, I can't help but think of my childhood! I used them as a strip, b/c afterall, how the heck to do you use them otherwise?! LOL. My fave sticker has to be either the very top one of the cat in the floppy hat or the one of three animals in a hot air balloon. Thanks to Angela from Ohio for sending the stickers to me!!! :D

I know my countdown clock says that Josh is home. He's not. He's supposed to be home tonight around 10 ish. I have to get through this whoooooole day. *sigh* I am going to go get my hair done though. I'm aiming for a mix between the two styles below. I also plan to have it colored since my box dye isn't holding up on the blonde parts. *ick*


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Slacker is my middle name

I can't seem to concentrate enough these past view days to get some work done.

Josh is going to be home really soon. Like REALLY soon. Since he's 14 hours ahead, when I wake up tomorrow morning, he'll be attempting to go to sleep. And when I go to sleep tomorrow night, he'll be on his way to the airport.

So much to do, so little time. I did start on a layout today. I laid some letters down and already want to change it! LOL. Maybe tomorrow. I really do want to finish it b/c if it comes out the way it's in my mind, it'll make people chuckle. Hell, the photo alone is HILARIOUS.

Off to bed. :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Holy Migraine Batman!

This morning sucked. Woke up to a grouchy soon-to-be-2-year-old and a migraine. After I got him situated, I tried to take medicine but the nausea was too bad. I ended up puking. Twice. Felt better, ate half a banana, drank a few sips of coffee, tooks meds, and put an ice pack on my neck.

I just finished eating a piece of bread and drinking 7 Up and I feel soooo sooo much better.

Since my secret sister got her ish, I figure it's safe to post what I made her. It's an altered chalkboard. I'm totally going to make one of these for myself. :) Hopefully she likes the color scheme.
Off to attempt to finish packing. "attempt" HAHAHAAHAHAH. I'm so sick of boxes.