Monday, August 20, 2007

San Antonio pt. 1

We arrived in San Antonio on Saturday afternoon (the 11th) and got settled in to our shitty Studio 6 suite. It was a weekly stay place with a good weekly rate, so I shouldn't complain. Our first nights dinner was a gourmet feast of kimchi noodle soup, pickled radish, and kimchi for the adults and roasted chicken ramen noodles with veggies for the kids. Mmmm, right? LOL.

I brought a measuring cup along b/c I knew we'd be eating soup and look what happened to the poor thing. Our microwave was jacked up and wasn't rotating properly or something. While the microwave was boiling the water, I suddenly smelled burning plastic. LOL.

Sunday the 12th: Lytle, Texas
Three generations of Summers men.

Monday the 13th: San Antonio Zoo

We stopped for a quick cup of coffee and some donuts (or cake as the kids call it) at Krispy Kreme. When we walked in, we were handed a freshly glazed donut as a "sample." That brought back memories. When Josh and I had our first apartment, a Krispy Kreme was built next to the complex. I believe it was back in 2002. Anyways, it was the first in San Antonio and it was a big deal. People lined up for hours on grand opening day. Traffic nearly made it impossible to get into our complex. So on the day it opened, Josh and I decided to try it out. We waited in line for a little less than an hour and once we got it, we were handed a fresh donut. I admit, it was good...really good since it was hot and the weather was cold and dreary. But after that one donut, I was full. All that waiting to get full off on just one. We bought a dozen just so we didn't feel too bad about wasting time.

On to the zoo pictures.

Ok, so it was REALLY hot and I didn't take a lot of pictures. I just wanted to take the kids to the animals they wanted to see (elephants and jaguars) and leave. Then we came to one of the last attractions, the petting zoo. There was only pygmy goats, but that was good enough for me!!! I'm a sucker for animal interaction so I think I had more fun that anyone else!

I wish I had my new camera for the trip. :( There were a lot of good photo ops. Ah well.
More photos to come. Josh and the kids are getting bored without me.

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