Thursday, August 2, 2007

Holy Migraine Batman!

This morning sucked. Woke up to a grouchy soon-to-be-2-year-old and a migraine. After I got him situated, I tried to take medicine but the nausea was too bad. I ended up puking. Twice. Felt better, ate half a banana, drank a few sips of coffee, tooks meds, and put an ice pack on my neck.

I just finished eating a piece of bread and drinking 7 Up and I feel soooo sooo much better.

Since my secret sister got her ish, I figure it's safe to post what I made her. It's an altered chalkboard. I'm totally going to make one of these for myself. :) Hopefully she likes the color scheme.
Off to attempt to finish packing. "attempt" HAHAHAAHAHAH. I'm so sick of boxes.


**melissa lee** said...

So cute, Jessica!! I don't know if I woulda had the patience to glue all those buttons down!!!

Hope feel better the rest of the day!

Michelle said...

I know Misty loved it. She was so excited so told me you totally spoiled her. I signed up for August in hopes that I'd get you if you joined. ;) Oh wells. I just love your stuff, what can I say?

Misty said...

it totally rock. I plan on hanging it on my office door so I can let people know where I am when I'm out and about all over Southeast alabama! Thanks again for all the great stuff you sent!

brandi said...

I just ran across your work on and checked out your blog, you have great talent!! And your kids are adorable!
Love, love the chalkboard idea, I may have to 'scraplift' for a future gift... and those boxes, too cute! You rock!
Have a wonderful weekend!! ;)

Funky Finds said...

i love that! i have been obsessed w/buttons as of late!