Sunday, August 5, 2007

Slacker is my middle name

I can't seem to concentrate enough these past view days to get some work done.

Josh is going to be home really soon. Like REALLY soon. Since he's 14 hours ahead, when I wake up tomorrow morning, he'll be attempting to go to sleep. And when I go to sleep tomorrow night, he'll be on his way to the airport.

So much to do, so little time. I did start on a layout today. I laid some letters down and already want to change it! LOL. Maybe tomorrow. I really do want to finish it b/c if it comes out the way it's in my mind, it'll make people chuckle. Hell, the photo alone is HILARIOUS.

Off to bed. :)


Michelle said...

Happy that your honey is going to be home soon. I want to see the Lisa Frank stuff! Is that what you're working on?

**melissa lee** said...

Almost made it girl!!!! Just a few more hours!!! So happy for you that your family will all be together soon!

Have a wonderful Sunday!