Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hellooooo August

It felt like August would NEVER get if September would hurry up and come.

I didn't do any scrapping. :( I want to today but don't think that's going to happen. I have a headache from hell and just want to take a nap.

Ok, so the other day I got a check in the mail made out to HSBC credit cards, but it had my address on it and my information as the customer info. I was like, WTF? Turns out my silly husband wasn't apparently paying close attention when he was enrolling a card into the bill pay from our bank. Instead of putting the credit card's billing address, he used ours!! LMAO!! He cracks me up.

Like the time he was making a batch of sweet tea and accidently used salt instead of sugar. Or when he flooded the kitchen...TWICE in one evening. And I'm sure he's just THRILLED that I'm sharing this info with ya'll. hee hee. I have 5 WHOLE days to get through until I see him. He flies in Monday night. eeeeeeeee!

My Etsy is going to be closing up shop soon! Just FYI. I sold my "Girl's Night Out" accordian album. Such a pleasant surprise to come home to today. It's a shame I have to give it up b/c I truly do love it.


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Michelle said...

I told my cousin Kelley about your Girls Night Out album and she bought it. Woot! I can;t wait to see it.