Monday, August 27, 2007


I rarely get sick, but alas, I guess my time was due. I usually deal with some health complication, not "leave me alone, I want to lay here in bed all day and suck on Halls" type days. So since I'm up earlier than the rest of my crew, I figured I'd update. Here are some more photos from this month.

On the 19th we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese and I tested out my new camera. I think Josh and I had more fun than the kids. :)

Yeah...I dunno. I thought these aliens were cool, the coloring and lighting was great, and therefore deserved a picture.

The kids weren't all that interested in playing the toddler games. They just wanted to hit buttons or throw stuff. This game that Sebastian is playing had fish in a pond and each fish was assigned a certain amount of points. The fisherman had a magnet at the end of his pole and for every fish the pole landed on in a certain amount of time, that's the points you were given. It was easy and Sebastian hit that damn button like crazy.

Another favorite of theirs (and my all time fave) is the ski ball. The kids got a kick out of seeing the balls being released at the beginning of the game and then handing me one ball at a time while I played.

Anberlin and Sebastian insisted on helping Josh and I put our huge stack of tickets into the ticket counter. At the end of the day we had 470 tickets, which I thought was a lot. That is, I thought it was a lot until I got to the toy counter and saw all it would get me was a pencil with a fat eraser. >:0 So we'll just save it until the next time we go.

August 22, 2007

Sebastian's First Haircut! I loved his long wavy locks, but it was looking awfully messy, so Josh and I decided to take him in to barber shop to get his first cut. You can see how it went. He screamed like a banshee, but luckily he didn't squirm.

All was calm until the first lock of hair was cut off.

Then the tears came, followed by screaming.

We tried bribing him with a lollipop but that didn't work. Then we tried Josh's iced mint green tea. Nope. I think it made the lady nervous so his cut was kinda lousy. LOL. It's not what we asked for, but what can you do? It's just hair and it'll grow back.

August 23, 2007
Back to the Duck Pond.

I was trying to capture a photo of a pidgeon grabbing a piece of our bread off the pier, but the kids kept stomping at them to make them fly. You can see the pidgeon's feet in the background. They were too scared of my kids to come any closer!

Here's Sebastian with his new haircut! I liked the way the sun was reflecting off the water's surface, so I was attempting to capture it in this photo. I got a little bit on his face.

August 24, 2007

Padre Bali Park

I'm too scared to bring my newer camera to the beach, so I just used the regular digital. One day I'll take the family back just for photos, but today was a family beach day. We had a blast. We started out the day with plans on going to the base pool, but once we got there, we were told it was only open on the weekends. Needless to say, the kids were pissed. So we hightailed it back to the island and the kids forgot about they're disappointment once we got to the beach, or as they called it, "ocean! ocean!"

Anberlin was more impressed with the sand than with the water.

August 25, 2007
Texas Treasure Casino Cruise

Josh and I finally had our once a year date. We spent the day on a casino boat out in the Gulf of Mexico. We purchased discounted tickets on base for $11 each. We brought $200 spending money so we could play on the slots.

While we waited for the boat to hit international waters (about 9 miles out from where we were), we were treated to a buffet that was entirely disappointing. I was so iritated b/c I skipped my morning medication for it! Ah well. At least there was a fresh veggie salad and a fruit salad to fill me up.

I was a big ballah on the slots! LOL. For anyone going on this cruise, the "Life of Luxury" slots paid me the best. We started out on the nickel slots. I hit a jackpot 3 times. I won around $210 off the nickels. Then we went into the quarter slots. I was watching Josh play and put a $5 bill into the machine I'm at (the life of luxury again) and just as I thought I had burned my cash, I hit a jackpot. The attendent came by and filled out a slip and said he'd be back with my money. Josh and I thought he said $111 but he came back and counted out $411! Josh and I were speechless. We went to the casino not expecting to really win anything. Later on, we went back to that quarter slot and Josh won $125. Not bad for a day, eh?

Towards the end, we decided to take a break and prevent ourselves from losing all our winnings. We sat on the top deck and listed to a Caribbean band play. *engh* Before the games were turned off, we played one more round, but lost what we alloted ourselves. But at the end of the day, we walked off the boat with 600 bones.

It's a shame that the winnings will probably go towards aquiring international auto insurance. ARGH. But at least we won't have to dip into our savings for it.

ta ta for now.



Michelle said...

Looks like you are enjoying summer and having Josh home! Love all the pics. Congrats on your winnings. That's great!

Boriquaz said...


Christine said...

wait, wait, wait... hol' up. you went to the beach and didn't pick up CLAMS? what's the matter with you? You had 8 hands to do the job ;-)... i bet the kids would have made a game out of it.

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

Congrats on the winnings! It is the best to nonchalantly win while someone else is playing...happened to me when I went to AC with a friend. My last quarter.....cashed in $800!!!!

Cynthia said...

no maam to those pigeon feet. hahah cute feekchoor

**melissa lee** said...

Love all the photos!!! Loved the pictures of Sebastian getting his hair cut.....I so would of NOT wanted to cut off those cutesy curls..!! And congrats on the big hubby loves going over to Bilouxi to play the slots...I can't stand it...but, maybe if WON money once in a while, I wouldn't mind so!!

Have a good week!

Lizee said...

omg big ballah!

Misty said...

So glad to see that you are enjoying your time with Josh. Looks like ya'll are making the most of the time you have together.

Marie said...

Those are great pics! You lucky dog! WOW! 600.00 that is amazing u go girl!

Jo Jo said...
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