Tuesday, August 21, 2007

San Antonio pt. 2

Wednesday the 15th: Sea World

Thank goodness for the "Hero Salute" deal with any Anheuser Busch theme parks. We got free admission into Sea World! How great is that?

The first show we went to was Shamu of course. There were some "technical difficulties" though and the show ended up starting 20 minutes late. One of the whales got loose and wanted to swim around the tank with the two whales that were supposed to be in the show. I guess you really can't fight the wishes of a whale. The kids got bored while we waited for the show and Sebastian screamed his bloody head off. So this was the first and last sit down show we went to.

Remember, I'm a sucker for animal interaction. :) Since I didn't get to feed the lorikeets at the zoo, I took the opportunity to do it here. I was a bit irritated that it was $3 for a little cup of nectar though. I bought 2 b/c I knew the kids wouldn't be able to handle holding the cup properly. As soon as we walked in, the birds attacked. LOL. It was the first feeding of the day and I'm sure they were famished.

The kids were too small to ride most of the rides. Anberlin was tall enough for a couple, but we felt bad for Sebastian b/c he couldn't ride anything. We looked at a few attractions but it was so gosh darn hot. Josh and I were able to ride one roller coaster. We were walking by the "Great White" ride and saw that there wasn't a wait,so Josh went first and then I went on when he was done. I was able to walk right up and get on the next ride without waiting! How great is that? I wish it had been like that for all the rides.

So after a couple of hours of walking around we pretty much said screw the animals. We made our way to the water park to cool off. I didn't take many pictures b/c I was so afraid of getting the camera wet.

Here's Sebastian and I waiting in line for a locker.

Josh and I after the water park. I look so drained and lifeless without makeup! ARGH!!!

And this is my fave series of photos from the trip.





Lizee said...

missy you cant tell ur not wearing make up! u always look FABULOUS

**melissa lee** said...

I agree with Lizee!!! You always look gorgeous, my friend!!! And how totally cute are those last two pictures...those are priceless!!!!

Michelle said...

Cute pix! Why is the whale's dorsal fin flipped down like that?

Christine said...

Wow, I didn't know Zoro came in feather form... i.e. the form of a Lorikeet (see picture of bird on head).

His masked qualities are a bit unique.... and special, I must add.

what? hahaha

Boriquaz said...

omg sea world, i wanna go i wanna go!!!