Wednesday, August 22, 2007

NSBR; goodies keep falling into my lap.

I've never been a huge fan of electronica, but how can I resist the vocals of AFI's Davey Havoc? I can't. This CD is AWESOME and definately recommended by yours truly.

Aaaaand it's about time for a new obsession. Josh picked this up for me today:

I had been whining for one for quite some time now. The sales ads from Sunday showed that there was a new color being released along with the new Brain Age. I have to say that Josh likes it as much as me. The Brain Age is so much fun and truly addicting. And it has sudoku on it. I had never played it, but one of my best friends is obessed with it. I finally got the hang of it and yeah...I'm hooked now. LOL. Now I have something to pass the time on the long ass flight to Germany.

Tattoos have been on both of our minds too. Josh wants to add orange blossoms to his arm b/c it signifies eternal love, marriage, and fruitfullness (cue group "awwwwww!!"). I want something to represent my passion for not only my family but also creating art. I love this artwork by Rhonna Farrer and think it would be an awesome piece to get inspiration from. Ok, enough of the randomness blog.


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Michelle said...

Lucky girl! Brain Age sounds great! You and Josh are so incredibly sweet and perfect for each other.