Friday, August 10, 2007

The Boys of Summer

Aaaaaah. Feel that? It's called relaxation. Energy. Stree free. Things are so much better since Josh has been home. Taking the kids out to the mall or to the park is no longer a chore for me to indure on my own. Now it's fun again.

The movers came and got all of our stuff. Now we have to figure out shipping our car. eeek!

San Antonio is on our agenda for all next week... Sea World, the zoo, and outlet shopping on tax free holiday!! Oh and lots of visiting with Josh's relatives.



Michelle said...

So happy for you! Kelley got yesterday and she adores it. I can't wait to take a peek at it!

**melissa lee** said...

SO happy for you, Jessica!!! Sounds like you guys will have a fun week next week!!

Misty said...

yea Jess. I hope you enjoy your time together before you are off to Germany. Can't wait to see pictures from the zoo and all.

Boriquaz said...

i hate the burden of taken isa out alone, it's just not fun. sometimes u just need a little help. so glad everything is going smoothly. tell shamu(wannabe) i said hi ... im going to see dolphins this weekend too hehe