Sunday, September 9, 2007

Haircut, Park, Farewell Dinner

*GASP* Anberlin got her first haircut! I didn't really want to get it cut. Josh "overruled" on this one. LOL. I didn't put up a fight though. Her hair was REALLY long as you can tell and well, it's a few inches past her shoulders, so it's still long. It's just hair afterall. I do have to say I miss the way her ends curled ever so slightly. They don't do that anymore. :( Same with Sebastian's hair....

I guess this is turning out to be an Anberlin blog update. She's dominating these picture sets. You can see here how much shorter her hair is when it's up in a pony tail. She doesn't seem to mind the new cut.

On Friday night I met up with what is left of my friends in Corpus for a "farewell" dinner. I wish more of the group was still around, but maybe one day we'll somehow get together in the future. Eh?? Ya'lls asses are going to have to come up to Germany to visit!!!!

Oh, and Josh and I both got new haircuts as well. Mine is not too much shorter, but more layers and I asked the guy to thin it out ALOT since I have super thick hair. And Josh? Well let's say there's a reason why he's wearing the hat. LOL. It's not a bad cut by any means, it's just NO WHERE near what he asked for. The poor thing.



Michelle said...

Wow, I didn't realize how long Anberlin's hair was. It looks cute both ways. So glad to see some new stuff is up. I know you've been crazy busy lately. I though of you yesterday when I saw this:

**melissa lee** said...

So, I've been checking your blog for an update like..every day! ANd the one day I don't check, you have THREE new posts....lmao!! Loved all the pics and the update on what's going on....I can't believe how long Anberlin's hair was either!!!

Have a great nite and a safe trip to Germany!

Cynthia said...

DANG! Anberlin's hair was LONG and thick! Crazy... her haircut be lookin' good

Christine said...

:P I wish I was there in CC to go to your farewell dinner. Maybe when my mini-me is old enough to behave on a long flight, I'll make a trip out there... Then you can show your newly acquired German accent. No?