Tuesday, September 25, 2007

:( My Poor Baby!!!

Sebastian is the epitomy of "rough and tumble boy." Now he has the wound to prove it:

This laceration is totally reminiscent of Anberlin's accident about a year and a half ago. He was running in the house (just like Anberlin) and tripped and caught the corner of the wall. Luckily the clinic is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Anberlin was still in pj's (I already had Sebastian dressed for the day) so Josh ran to the clinic with him while I got Anberlin dressed and I threw some shoes on.
My tough guy got ONE stitch with NO pain meds. They wrapped him in a blanket and then put him on this board and strapped him down even more. After he got his stitch, I got really lightheaded and had to sit down. What a wuss. He took it like a champ...I mean, he screamed of course. "Mommy!!" "Daddy!!" "Choo! Choo!" LOL.
And well you'd think he'd have some hesitation about rough housing, but I swear, I can't get him to NOT run for anything. In fact, just as I typed this message, he came high tailing through the living room. Geeze.


**melissa lee** said...

Boys will be boys, eh!!! Lol!!

Michelle said...

Poor little guy! I think its adorable he was saying "choo choo."

Boriquaz said...

Don't you love how they think they are so invincible and run around and do anything they want, I find Isabella with bruises and stuff all the time, like hello where'd u get this.

Marie said...

awww poor lil guy! Big hug to him!