Sunday, September 23, 2007

Some randomness

1) The other morning, I was just starting to rinse the kids breakfast dishes when I noticed something pecular popping out of the side overflow drain. Of course I had to stop what I was doing to grab my camera. I tried my best to leave it undisturbed. I wanted to see how big it would grow, just for curiosity's sake. That idea went down the drain, as did the plant, because I accidently grazed it while finishing up the dishes.
2) Sebastian has a new phase that Anberlin never went through. He insists on stripping down...even in the most inappropriate places (like the trainstation, as pictured here). When he's not pulling his pants down, he's pulled one arm through his neckhole and it looks like he's wearing a toga.
3) There are so many flowers here. The yards in the town of Illesheim are filled with them...even areas around the street are abundant. Of all these things, I stop to take a picture of this dandelion clock. LOL. I love blowing them to disperse the seeds.


NurseDeah said...

ok, so what kind of camera do you have? your pictures are always awesome!! love experiencing germany through your camera :)

Cynthia said...

haha... one time we had a mushroom growing out of our sink

**melissa lee** said...

Lol!!! I bet he keeps you hoppin'!! Great picture of the dandelion!

Have a great week!

Boriquaz said...

OMG that is sooo funny but def not a phase I want to go through ... even though Isabella is already pulling her shirt up all the time.

Michelle said...

Your pictures are wonderful!
Check out this link:

I've been meaning to give that to you for a while now. It has wonderful examples.

So funny how Sebastian does that. I think that's pretty common with boys. Just hope he goes through it quickly. I as at a party about a month ago and a 6 year old boy did that!

Thanks for sharing your cute story about the fairies!