Sunday, June 29, 2008


A photoless, quick entry.

Been pretty sick all week. Tonsilitis strikes again. Today was the first day I could eat and drink without cringing in pain.

Took the kids to a "Volksfest" and enjoyed the 80 degree weather with a cool breeze. The food was excellent and it was overall a good day. Actually, it's the first day in a couple of weeks we didn't need a sweater. That still blows this Texas girl's mind.

Still trying to get things set up for teaching. Going to speak to the legal office to see if I need a license. Not sure how it will work on the base.

Have a pile of scrap stuff to share, but when I'm not busy, I'm busy being lazy. :) Tomorrow, I promise I'll have stuff to share.


ps- this conversation with sebastian (which happens alot b/c he repeats the SAME question 10 times, even when he either knows the answer or has been told the answer).

Sebastian: Mommy. Mommy?
Me: *Blank stare
Sebastian: Mommy. Talk Mommy.
Me: *staring continues
Sebastian: Mommy, are you a statue?

Oh and half of the time, he's a cat nowadays. If you call him "Sebastian" he gets angry and insists that you call him "Kitty." He gets into full character too, with the meowing and rubbing his head on your cheek. Anberlin is obsessed with "Green Eggs and Ham." She mimicks the story with her play food. Pretty darn cute.


Michelle said...

Hope you're able to eat more lately. Sorry to hear about the toncilitis. Love the stories about the kids. They are too cute. Love the "blank stares."

Lizee said...

is this a volkswagon festival??
please share pictures!
my bf works for volkswagon..were curious to see what volksfest is about!

Jill Deiling said...

i hope youre feeling all better! :(
too funny about sebastian, the kitty thing cracks me up, lol

aja said...

aww..hope your feeling better!
and take some pics of "kitty"...heehee.
can't wait to see more scrapiness.