Tuesday, July 1, 2008

As Promised

Here are some things as promised.

Few are sneaks.

I have others that are secret. ;)

Spoke to someone in our legal office on the base. My original plans regarding teaching and selling scrap materials has been flushed down the toilet. Apparently I cannot use my mailing address because I do not pay sales tax (it's exempt). But I do have something else up my sleeve and I think it's going to work out better than my first plan.

On to the pics. The first few are from the Volksfest. Lizee, your comment cracked me up. A Volksfest is a festival ("Volks" meaning people I believe). lol. You're so cute. They had rides that the kids were able to take advantage of. Games, food booths, and a little flea market was also there. We spent a good amount of time in the Beer Garden enjoying some super yummy rotisserie chicken, german potato salad, and french fries. Oh, and this monster of a thing:

(Don't worry, he's sneaky, but not THAT sneaky).

Check this dude out. What you can't see are the three mugs he's holding in the right hand, while balancing the 7th glass ontop of everything! By the way, that's a liter of beer in the mugs. Josh and I people watched for a bit while in the garden and noticed that in the time Josh finished one beer, most of the guys around him were almost done with their second. It's like water here. ha!


Thank you card I made for Anberlin's Preschool Child Development teacher.
I finally made a door hanging for the front door. I used the new KI "Bloom" to cover the Fancy Pants chipboard. Also used some Hambly and Making Memories. Oh and I am officially in love with the Heidi Swapp mirrors!!

My crazy son. This isn't a super new layout, but I don't think I posted it on the blog yet. Used the newish BasicGrey Archaic line. Love the dinos!!

The latest Scrapping the Music challenge is up. Our song this week is the ultra sexy "Drive" by Incubus. I remember when that video came out, and drooling over the lead singer. lol.

My bulletin board, kinda unorganized. I've started hanging up my newest layouts up. And here are a couple of sneaks:

That's it for now folks.


PS- Want to know something funny? Josh went to school with Gabriel Garcia, the Texan on "Nashville Star." They are both from Lytle, Texas. I watched an episode of that show for the first time last night (not a huge country fan) just so I could see who he is. Have to admit, I love what he did to "living la vida loca."


Aimee said...

mmm, everything looks gorgeous! can't wait to see the full view!

Michelle said...

You are so talented! Sorry that the teaching thing is not going to pan out. Hope the other plan works out. That picture of the waiter is so cool! And I might have to buy some of those hs mirrors you mentioned... Love the door hanging and the new scrapping the music challenge lo you did.

Lizee said...

oops my bad!

Dennis is going to be so disapointed! We both were so sure it was VW fest..since it VW is from germany..haha

i cant a wait to see the full pic of your sneak peaks...they look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the teaching.......Maybe your right and the second plan is the one your supposed to do!?

Kelly said...

I miss your silly face...

Susanne said...

my god woman, you really are the best scrapper I have ever seen! LOVE the grape thief!

Jill Deiling said...

awesome scrap stuff! I loove looking at your stuff :)

aja said...

ooo..your little birdie is cute!
can't wait to see what you're planning...

danielle said...

hi jess-i just found your blog again after so long! i stopped by scrapmojo via sistv. glad to see your lo's again. crafty!
hope all is well and you're enjoying life there!
peace, danielle in philadelphia(cococricketsmama.typepad.com)

Boriquaz said...

what kind of book is the last pic from ... always cute lo's but duh you know that

Krystina said...

I have so missed reading your blogs, so I'm glad I was able to catch up. Your stuff is amazing as usual. I L-O-V-E the door hanging. I don't know where you find the time with 2 kids. Color me envious! :)