Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time Flies

Where the heck did July go??

Our trip to Wiesbaden was too short and ruined partially by the weather. We arrived early afternoon on Friday and our first stop was the Fasanerie, a zoo-like park that has nature trails through a beautiful forrest. There are different animals (boars, deer, bears, birds) found in the park. We spent about 2 hours there and was spent. I didn't take too many photos. Honestly, I felt bad for most of the animals.

Afterwards, we headed to our hotel to get cleaned up and let the kids catch a quick nap. One of the reasons we planned the trip last minute was because...and this is silly...we wanted to see the new Batman movie at the army theatre up there. It isn't being shown down here. Crazy huh? So getting the kids to take a nap (especially Sebastian) was imperitive if we wanted to have a relatively stress free night. I'm sure you're wondering how it went. Pretty good actually, better than expected. Anberlin watched "Cars" on my iPod and Sebastian played "the New Super Mario Bros." on my DS. :) That boy loves my DS. I've been trying to keep it from him for the longest time. Then one day, I walk into the living room and find Josh helping him play Mario Bros. He's not even 3 and he's figured out the basics of the game. I do have to say, it's helping with the potty training. He gets gaming privilages if he uses the toilet.

Saturday morning we woke up early so we could take advantage of the free breakfast at the hotel. It was not first class dining by any means. Breakfast choices consisted of 3 types of cereal, variety of bread (not fresh bakery bread, but sliced bread or bagels), boiled eggs, frozen jimmy dean breakfast sandwhiches, breakfast hot pockets (I snickered at those), and Otis Spunkmeyer muffins. I looked at the bright side though...I could snag a few extra muffins and juice boxes to take with us for snacks later. Free is free afterall.

We drove downtown, not far from the hotel. Our first stop was the Lutheran Marktkirche (Market Church). It was built by Karl Boos from 1852-1862 as a Gothic Revival basilica with 3 naves, the western tower reaches 98m, making it the tallest building in the city. It was the first brick building erected in the Ducy of Nassau. the monument in front is "Der Schweiger" and was built in commemoration of William I the Silent, Prince of Orange (1533-1584).

Brief history on Wiesbaden, it goes back to about 2000 years. In 40 AD, the Romans erected a border fort as a military stronghold. In the 13th century, the city advanced to become a royal court and imperial city. In the 1900s the city flourished, and in 1945 it became the state capital of Hessen. It's also known as Germany's greenest city. It's location, lying between the Rhine river and the foothilsls of the Tuanus Mountains gives it a mediterranean climate.

Back to the photos. Twice a week, behind the church, is a fairly large farmer's market. It's been ages since I've been to one, but it automatically drew me back to living in Sicily and the markets in Catania. The colors from the produce were amazing! If only there was something similar in our area (there might, I just don't know).

Oh, this is how you attempt to keep 2 kids entertained while looking at old buildings and fruits and vegetables. Give them a toy camera.

I look forward to the day I can give them a real camera! Start them young! :D

Photo of the New Rathaus (City Hall).

Going into any large city means a stop at Starbucks. Notice the ever so thrilled expression on Josh's face. I call it the "at wit's end with the boy" look because at this stage, Sebastian was being REALLY bad. Somedays...I mean most days, he can can I put this nicely...a pain. I'm talking screaming, crying, nothing will make him happy. Makes it hard to go out and have a good time, you know?
Shortly after that photo was taken, we left downtown. We grabbed a quick bite to eat on the base and it was back to the hotel to make Sebastian nap again. When he woke up, we went back to a restaraunt we visited the last time we were in Wiesbaden called Sushi World. Yummm. At this point it had been raining hard all afternoon. Luckily after dinner, the rain subsided long enough for us to take a stroll through a park called Warmer Damm (Warm Pond). It was gorgeous and had ducks, so you know the kids were all about being there.

Well I have a few more photos, but blogger is being a little punk. Plus it's late and I'm sleepy, so I'll finish my update tomorrow. :)


aja said...

you should totally buy each of the kiddos a little disposable camera...{or even one of the cheapo kiddie ones} and let them go to town!

congrats on the publishing!

Michelle said...

Wow I love traveling through you. Your photos are beautiful. So many cool things. I hope we can find a market to go to while I'm in town. If not its alright. I'm sure I'll experience at least one European market. I'm getting so excited. Nearly just a month away! TFS!

Misty Roche said...

Fisher price actually has a 'Kid Tough' digital camera for kids. I had been meaning to ask you how Sebastian was doing with potty training since he and Aiden are so close in age. Aiden's not doing so well. It's all a fight....but he's in the terrible twos....every thing's a fight. Oh, and Greg was born in Wiesbaden! I always wanted to see pics. :)

ricanlaw said...

I'm thinking about you today because I saw the H-results. I want you to know that, and you should know that you are one fierce bad-ass matter what.

Also, miss you at STM...for real!

Em said...

The photos are awesome Jess. It looks like you had a great weekend.
I am sad too about the 'H' thing. You deserved it hun. I have left a little something on my blog for you :) x

Em said...

Jess....nOoooooooo. You so can't do that to me!!!!! I wanna know now!! LOL Me's not very good at waiting for suprises!

Enjoy the film. I am sure Sebastian will love it :)