Monday, August 4, 2008


I won the week 3 round at Project Catwalk! Woo hoo! Here's my entry:

The prompt was to pick a dress from last week's "Project Runway" and use it as inspiration. The second part was to then use a photo of yourself and scrap about your scrapbooking style. My style varies, depending on my mood. When I'm frustrated about things, my layouts tend to be really messy b/c I use it as a stress release. When things are great, things tend to be either cute or very simple with clean lines. Here is the dress I chose (which was Blayne's):
You can see how like the dress, I used a black backdrop. Each "style square" also coordinates with the tiers of the dress. I chose this design b/c I tend to do alot of bright layouts with a black cardstock background.
My latest project went up at A Daily Inspiration. I altered this remote control caddy I received as a gift many years ago. It doesn't match our living room, so I altered it to match my bedroom. I really like it!
I did this layout before I left for Wiesbaden for A Daily Inspiration. I took these photos of Anberlin at a pond about 5 minutes away from our base. It's kind of hidden and a really pretty area. Anberlin was running back to the car and I snapped a few shots. I like the openess of the photos, so I went with a very simplistic look for the LO.

Well, the Bazaar scheduled for the end of this month has been postponed and the new dates have not yet been released. I guess this is good simply because it will give me more time for crafts. I just hope they don't reschedule it when MJ comes! If that's the case, I'm definitely choosing MJ over sitting in a hangar for 3 days straight. ;) She'll be here about a month! Totally excited. MJ, I hope you get over your jet lag fast so we can start our adventure on Friday. Sleep as much as you can on the plane.

We took the kids to see Wall-E last night. Oh my goodness SO CUTE! I love a good love story, and I'll take it any way I can get it...albeit a normal movie or a cartoon! And the Pixar short at the beginning?!! HILARIOUS!

Hmmm. I believe that is all for now. Monday's are my cleaning day so I'm off to do that.



Michelle said...

Congrats on winning project catwalk! You los are absolutely adorable! Love those photos of Anberlin running back to the car. Don't worry about the dates too much. I can always start out visiting my fam instead if it works out better for you. I plan to sleep most of the plane ride there! All I have to do is replace my new iPod and then were good! I'm so excited its almost time! :D

Holly said...

Congrats on the Project Catwalk win! That is a fabulous LO! Yup, we are at Fort Bragg. Although, we don't live on post...about 20 minutes north. Are you guys PCS'ing here, or just coming for a visit?

shopgirlaudi said...

Love your LOs. I "stalk" your blog;) I love your style:) I'm over at too:)

Hey, my cleaning day is Monday also:)

Boriquaz said...

omg iwant that lil doll next to ur remote control caddy lol

Penny B. said...

LOVE the colorful layout on the black cardstock! Fabulous!

Penny B. said...

LOVE the colorful layout on the black cardstock! Fabulous!

Mireille said...

hon congrats on winning!!!