Sunday, August 17, 2008

pho-get about it

Dude, it's been forever since I've updated. I've been semi-busy with scrapbooking, and really busy with the family that I've neglected my poor blog.

Last weekend we took a drive to Nuremburg to restock our pantry with some asian food. I bought lots of smelly things like bagoong (a filipino shrimp paste...smells horrid but tastes good with things like mango or rice), small anchovies for frying, bin bin crackers, seaweed...I also found noodles to make Pho.

Pho is a Vietnamese soup that is SOOOOOOOO good. It has a very delicate flavor. I found a recipe for a quick Pho and it really was just as good.

I also made a filipino dessert called Casava Bibinka which uses Casava (Yuka root) as the main ingredient. The topping is condensed milk (YUM). It's a chewy consistency, but really yummy.

Project Catwalk at SiSTV is still in full swing. I'm at the top of my game, trying to stay in the top 25. Here are last week's submissions:

Week 4's challenge was to make a mini with only red, white, and blue as the main colors. You also had to use certain words throughout. I based mine on Josh's graduation from boot camp and utilized an iPod holder for it.

Then our extra credit assignment was to use the mail from the day before, chipboard, tape, something from the pantry, needle and thread, paint and staples. nothing else. For the base, I used the outer envelope (the portion you throw away) from our netflix movie (Johnny Depp..i mean..Sweeney Todd on bluray...yum!) I then used a mesh bag that held garlic, attached it with embroidery thread. Chipboard letters were outlined using white paint and a needle (since a paintbrush wasn't on the list). The chipboard heart was painted white, then while the paint was a tad wet, i peeled some of the top layer away for distressing. The tape is by Prima. The yellow folded flower is made with those yellow "notify sender of address change.". The little heart is cut out of the inside of a bill...i liked the design. The words are cut out from my USAA insurance bill.

This week's challenge has turned out to be my favorite!!! The challenge was to creat a wall hanging utilizing jeans as your main medium. I altered the canvas. Have to give credit to Jenn Star though! I totally got inspiration from a canvas class she taught in Holland in June. She used the back of the canvas to make a shadowbox.

This is nearly all made out of jeans! The tree bark is dark denim. The "leaves" are made from an old white jean jacket, added the color with glimmer mist. Stuffed it for more dimension using the stuffing from one of my kid's old stuffed dog that was bound for the garbage. The bird is the inside of the dark denim, and the fawn and grass is the white jacket too. The bushes are made using the lining from the jean jacket and from a velvet vest my son had oh so long ago. I really enjoyed this challenge...mostly b/c my walls are bare and I needed a prompt to get some decorating done. ;)

I still can't decide where to hang it though.

Here are some other projects I've worked on. I finally bought myself a heat gun, embossing powders, and pigment powders. Tried it out on this layout filled with lots of vintage elements.

Made another mini for the Fancy Pants design team call. Altered the iPod holder so it actually opens up like a book. The theme is "the Random ABC's of You and Me" which is random memories that Josh and I have had the 7 years we've been together.
I really like it. Each page has a mini photo...thinks like our favorite type of Sushi, where we met, our first date, etc.

I have other things, but I'm trying really hard to get published in magazines, so they're under wraps. Haven't heard anything yet :\ so I may be showing them soon.



Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

You are incredibly, amazingly talented! YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Love the projects, especially the jean one! WOW!

inara said...

your projects are truly gorgeous! I love pho sooooooooooooooo much, I don't suppose you can send me your quick recipe? I tried researching recipes once and they were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too complicated.

Michelle said...

I love how you are using the ipod holders. Those are adorable. Love the wall hanging and all the different items you used too. And super cute vintage-esque lo too. Food looks great! 2.5 weeks and counting!

Simona said...

Wow, every single work is stunning!!! Esp. LOVE the vintage LO ... gorgeous!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog ^_^, have a nice day!

Rachie Pachie said...

Wow, the wall art is amazing! Great job on all the denim pieces!

Sasha said...

Ummm that netflix looks good, now when I get mines in the mail I will never look at it the same again thanks to you .. lolol .. that shyt was BANGING .. okay anyway .. so where my sours at .. you know I am missing me some Germany .lolol.

Holly said...

OMG! Totally amazing stuffs! I especially love the denim wall hanging. Such a great job! Hope you win the whole thing. And, you used my flower tutorial on the one iPod holder...YAY! :0)

happygirltc said...

omg Jessica that Altered the iPod holder is adorable! good luck with being published!!! :D

elizabeth said...

holy cow!

that netflix lo is brilliant!!
as is the ipod case mini!!!

genius i tell ya :)