Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Quick Update

I'm busy with playing mom and housewife and aspiring manufacturer designer. lol.

I whipped this cute little ATC out in like 30 minutes this morning. It was extra credit time for Project Catwalk and I have a lot of catching up to do, despite my win this week. lol. I really want the prize! A free year of kits. O_O

Thanks to all for the kind words about not making Hambly. You win some, you lose even more (in my case). Ah well. I have to admit, I've been feeling down in the dumps lately from all the rejection I've been getting. So I made this layout, for the latest Scrap Mojo.

journaling reads:

"I took my Power in my Hand
And went against the World-
'Twas not so much as David had
But I was twice as bold
I aimed my Pebble
but Myself was all the one that fell
Was it Goliath was too large
Or was myself too small? "
-Emily Dickinson

It's one of my favorite poems by Emily Dickinson.
Sometimes I like the idea of a realistic David and Goliath. You can't always win in the end, but kudos to you for trying, right?

But those feelings are put aside as I am now working on yet another dt call. Cross your fingers for me.

The photo was taken of a plant I found one morning growing out of my sink, of all places. How about that for symbolism??

That's it for now! I'm in the middle of working on a project that I am totally excited about and can't wait to share it with everyone! :D



Chez said...

congrats on the win for you too bizzo! 2 thumbs up for whores!!!!!!!! Sorry about Hambly, I tried too, but ah well....I don't get too worked up. First one for me! Good luck with whatevah ya working on. You can do it dude!

Michelle said...

I really hope you win that year worth of kits! You rock. I wouldn't put too much emphasis on not making it to Hambly. They have a very specific look that made it and its ok to be different. Your style rocks!

Cute new lo. I hope things go great with your new dt that you are applying for.

Sasha said...

Um you totally rock and I am SHOCKED that you tried out and DID NOT MAKE IT wow .. hmm .. interesting

Well girl just keep trying I hope you get what you are looking for you deserve it

Mireille said...

love the poem!!
and keeping my fingers crossed for the next quest!

Charleen said...

I love how you oulined the bird with the floss!

Vickie said...

Great poem, sorry you didn't make it but you still rock!
I've left you an award on my blog, hope it cheers you up a bit :o)