Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I guess I shall start with the bad news. My terms for Scrapping the Music is up and I decided not to extend it. Things are hectic these days, trying to get a business going and I don't want to put my other obligations on the back's just not fair to the others on the team. I'm going to miss that team...we were pretty tight nit. BUT the good news is that one of my fave people, Laura Fiore has taken over one of the spots so yay for her!!

I have an appointment to turn in my application for a home based business on Monday. Hopefully it won't take too long to get approved. is what I've decided to do. I am now an independent consultant for Memory Works. It's not exactly the route I WANTED to go, but it allows me to "legally" work from home.

I received my business packet in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to get started. I hope to have my first "party" at the end of the month. There's a few reasons why I chose this company. It carries the materials that I am familiar with and personally use. They put to company paper lines together in one kit at reasonable prices. Also, the monthly express kit is AWESOME. I'm waiting for the July one to come. At any rate, my website is all set up and ready to go. I've also started putting together an album featuring layouts that are made with what is sold on the site. I should also have a seperate blog setup for my customers with tips and sketches. Lots to do!!!

Yesterday was a great mail day. I got the Memory Works business packet, my Magistical Memories kit (OMG DROOOOOOOOL), and Josh's Dad sent me a computer. No more dumb laptop for me!!! I just need to get on the ball and reinstall all of my programs onto this one.

I've gotten word that there is going to be another Bazaar at one of the neighboring bases next month. I emailed those in charge and I hope to get a table to sell my crafts. I've gotten started on paper bag albums, then I hope to start on those word albums in a week or so. Then I plan on doing a bunch of cards. This is going to be a great way to use up my old stash and hopefully make some extra cash.

OH! Who gets the newsletter?? Well, in the most recent one this layout was featured as one of the fresh pages! Pretty cool! I made it for A Daily Inspiration. We've started a new format. Instead of featuring layouts/projects with materials that Scrapbookmate stocks, we've started doing manufacturer spotlights. We're doing Luxe Designs for the next couple of weeks. It's great b/c I LOOOOVE their products.

Last week I made a going away gift for one of Josh's Sargeants. She's been a huge help since we've been here and I wanted to make her something special.

It was a big hit, and I'm glad. :) It's one thing to buy something for someone, but to make something from the heart makes it unique and special.

ScrapMojo is back after a short hiatus! And we have a super special guest...the one...the only ELSIE! I squeeled when I found out she'd be the guest b/c I LOOOOVE her line of products.

Ummm. That's it I believe. Hope you stop by the Daily Inspiration blog. Seriously there's some outstanding work going up!



Melonie said...

Just found your blog and think it's great. Best of luck with your new business.

Victoria said...

Gosh, Jessica! You have a lot going on and you're a SAHM to boot! You're my hero! Or should I say "SHEro"!! LOL!! I wish you much success in all your endeavors.

Angleton, TX

Michelle said...

Wow what an incredible experience you are about to embark on. Congrats on becoming and independent consultant! That looks like a great thing to persue.

Congrats on being the fresh page on Love the layouts and the book you made. Just beautiful style!

And as far my visit, Dan is talking about coming over to visit and I think its because he wants to meet you. Isn't that cute? I doubt that he'll be able to do it, but its so funny that he's trying to make it happen.

That would be so cool if we can play Wii, Rockband, scrap, and play tourists! Should iZ be mailing some stuff over to you so I can scrap something over there? My mom thinks I'm ridiculous for considering that. :) I'm so excited!

Anonymous said...

How exciting Jess! Hopfully all will go well and you will make some moooolaaaa! Always a good thing for a sahm!

So happy your still stopping by STM!

Em said...

Wow Jess... you are busy. Good luck with your new venture.
Love the Luxe's so pretty. x

Mireille said...

beautiful stuff!!!
just wanted to send you a big hug from croatia!

Chez said...

and look cathy had me all freaked out that you were selling creative memories ROFL..........look that stuff looks awesome. Keep us whores informed yano we support a whore!

Chez said...

you need to tell cathy to stop talkin sheet then HAHAHAHA!!!!!

I am still waiting for my bind-it-all. I am super excited about it. I heard the dreamcuts thingy isn't super fab, but I'll let you know once I use it.

I'm a total slacker anymore with chats since I took my new job. I try to get on as much as I can! Cathy can't get on at her new job either LOL Lookin forward to seeing ya more though! fo shiz girl!

Boriquaz said...

You've been nominated check out my blog.

Michelle said...

Ooh, yay! So excited about the new business venture, for you! That sounds great! =) And lovely scrappies, as always! Hope all is well, girl!

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see your cool stuff it always makes me want to try and start scrapbooking.... but I don't have any time! And I know I'd be disappointed because it wouldn't come out as cute as YOURS always do, with your swirly handwriting and all... :(



maxell said...

I popped in just to say that I am really found of your Mojo project for this challenge. It's so nice with that painted bird in those colors together with the photos and the theme.