Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What To Do, What To Do...

I've spent most of the day going through boxes and boxes of stuff in storage. BLAH DEE DAH. Then I spent the rest of my day packing what I could without the kids pitching a fit (I guess I"m going to have to pack up the rest of their toys while they're asleep).

I just don't know. A part of me wants to send a teeny part of my scrap stash in my express shipment to Germany. It'll be there when I get there, whereas my regular shipment won't arrive until a month or more after I arrive. Then there's the other part that says I may not have time to scrap, so why bother.

Then another part is holding on to the hopes that I get picked for a DT so I'll NEED something to create LOs.

And then there's another part of me that is saying that we won't have a car for almost two months, so I'm going to need something to pass the time while Josh is at work.

There's two more voices bickering...one says to send some "kits" in a flat rate box while the other one is saying to just take a break.

With all these voices going on, it's no wonder I can't make a decision!!


ps- Word on the street is that there has been some spottings of American Craft Thickers at DOLLAR TREE. I know I may have a previous post complaining about their stickability, but they're still hella cute. I may have to do a run in on the few we have here in corpus.


bonnie is said...

Wow! I love your blog! I don't know if I have seen it before or not! I wanted a new cammera SO bad! lol. my parents were very mad I spent so much money on it. But so far, i LOVE it. It takes pictures REALLY quickly and its 12.1 mpx. AND as far as cammeras go, it was relativly cheap! :-) I've only had it for like 1 day though, and I have yet to get any pics developed. but I DO take it EVERYWHERE with me :-).
As far as your scrapbooking delema, I say SHIP IT! You never know when you're going to want to use it. :-)

Rachie Pachie said...

I say ship at least something!! Most definitely! By the way, I love your blog & check it almost everyday... you definitely have a amazing talent & are an inspiration.

Hope packing goes great today!

**melissa lee** said...

Ship something, Jess!!!! YOu'll be hella mad if once you get there and you're in the mood and nada is there....!

And American Crafts Thickers at the DOLLAR TREE????!!! Whoa nelly! I LOVE the foam ones.....never have a problemo with them sticking...don't like the chipboard ones all that much, but the foam and felt ones are awesome....guess I'm gonna have to check out our Dollar Trees as well!

Have an awesome day!

Tamara said...

Jess, You really should email me. I made this same exact move less than a year ago and I can tell you what there is and is not out here.

What is the worst thing that will happen if you express scrap stuff out and you don't use it? well, nothing. Just extra money. And if you don't send it and then wish you had it, well.....frustration. Get what I am saying? Send it!

My email: tamara.wheeler@yahoo.com

Michelle said...

Send it! Send it! I'm hitting up my dollar tree tomorrow to see if they have the foam thickers. I've been dying for the eggnog font and stores are all sold out.

tonya said...

Okay if you find some at the dollar tree I will totally pay you back. J/K well sorta. They never have anything cool at mine :( I also think you should ship something. Better safe than sorry.