Sunday, July 1, 2007

Scrap Rant of the Day

I love American Crafts products. What I do not love right now is their "Thickers" chipboard sticker alphabets. It is sorta reminiscent of my issues with the Heidi Swapp chipboard stickers...they don't stick.

They don't stick to my papers.

They don't stick to the sticker sheet it came on.

You know what they stick to?? Each other.

I pulled them out of my "alphabet" drawer yesterday only to find half of them off the sticker sheet and gathered at the bottom of the cellophane for a little cocktail party.

Despite the inconvinience of having to glue them on to my layouts, I still like them simply because of their name. It's like having a speech impediment forced upon you. It's great. :) Say it with me....thickers. Thickers. THICKERS. See?


PS- new work soon to come! I've been a little busy bee, despite pulling a muscle in my back. *ouch* I'm still recovering.


Michelle said...

Sorry to hear that you pulled a muscle. I loved reading your rant about the thickers. You're too funny. It's good to know because I've purchased them but haven't used them yet.

**melissa lee** said...

Hey - you gotta try those foam ones!!! THEY RAWK!!! I have about a zillion packages of the foam letters and they definitely stick!!

Boriquaz said...

yeah i have the foam thickers and they stick really good .. thickers thickers ... did u say thickers thickers thickers thickers .. ok thenough thickers.

dana said...

I am with u on the thickers chipbd. Chipboard doen't stick as a rule(w/ the pre-stuff stickies). While I'm complaining, Jenni Bowlin's rub-ons are the worst.

Popped by and wanted to say I like yr blog.
Toodles, dana