Saturday, July 14, 2007


Especially when these are on sale:

Joann's was killing my bank account today. Not really. As soon as I found these babies marked down to $4.97 (from 19.99) and $3.97 (from 9.99), I put back most of the things I originally grabbed. These are tied for first on my "favorite pen" list (tied of course with the White Signo Uniball). They write so smoothly and the texture is to die for. The glaze have a shine to it (duh) and I just love the 3d effect and feel.

My husband thinks I'm crazy for loving a certain brand of pen. It's just one of those things!


ps- If you have a Joanns in your area, I'd drop on by to see what they marked down. I got some beautiful rhinestone brads from CK for $.97, photo anchors, safety pins, ribbon slides (from MM), ribbon for $.50. I'm kinda bummed I missed out on the adhesives they had on sale. I'm trying to stock up on my basics before the big move, so today was a great day for shopping!!!


**melissa lee** said...

Dayum!!!! Can't believe those things were only $4.97!!!! I almost got them a couple of months ago, but couldn't justify spending the money...maybe I'll try to get over there today.....

Love those pics! I was supposed to get a new camera for my birthday - the Rebel....but, instead I'm getting a car....I have been without a car since last December....and I actually think I would rather have the! But, oh well!

Anyhoo - this is a long post...thanks for the heads up for Joanne's...don't usually even stop in there much these days...

Monita said...

Good words.