Thursday, July 12, 2007

Such a Sad, Sad Moment for Me Right Now

The new Three Bugs in a Rug line set for the CHA 2007 includes a kit to make your own *sigh* exploding scrap box. In chipboard. *DOUBLE SIGH*

It's the "Back Porch Memory Box Kit." I don't know what the MFRP is set to be. Ah well. I mean, I offer mine completely DONE, so I shouldn't worry I suppose. LOL.

Speaking of, I am working on a wedding themed one using Basic Grey Romani. It's so pretty. I used the papers on my "Obsession" layout and I'm glad I have another use for it!!


ps- i just finished DROOLING over the new CHA releases. Oh me, Oh my. Right now Urban Lily and Rusty Pickle are fresh in my mind since it was a few of the last items I viewed. *drooooooooooooooooooooooooool* lots of pink, white, and black combos.

And all the cute, punky Halloween stuff coming out?! The Daisy D's stuff is uber cool. I keep picturing that little stitched up boy. It's very Tim Burton. eeeee! All I know is there better be some craft stores in Germany. I don't see why there wouldn't be. Anyone? I'll be in the Bavaria region...Illesheim I believe.

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