Sunday, December 9, 2007


I feel like I've been non-stop all week! I'm exhausted today.

Josh got off of work early Friday so we went to Furth to hit up Ikea again. I needed some frames to finish off his christmas present. Then we took a little excursion downtown to find a wonderful clothing store called H&M. Their prices are extremely reasonable. I'm not huge on the women's section myself...not quite my style, but the kid's clothes are friggen awesome. They had some cute dresses on sale and we found a couple of sweaters for Sebastian too.

While trying to find a parking spot downtown, we drove by the christmas market. It was ALOT bigger than the one in the one town that we went to last weekend. But after we went shopping, we couldn't find it. :( I'm still hoping to go to the Nuremburg market before it ends. Or even the Rothenburg one would be nice...that is closer and we're more familiar with that town.

Yesterday was our orphan sponsorship day and it went well. This is Nadine and she's 17. She has 4 brothers and one sister that have all lived in the orphanage (three of them are over 18 now and I don't think they're there anymore). Lucky for me, she spoke a little bit of english which she learned from school. We spent most of the day bowling, which was great because I hadn't been bowling in FOREVER! When I was little, almost every Saturday morning was spent at the bowling alley with our league. Lol. I even had my own peach bowling ball, blue bowling ball bag, and matching bowling shoes. :) I didn't throw gutter balls all day,thank goodness. Josh wears a big shoe (size 12) so there was slim pickings on fashionable bowling shoes for him. I dunno, I think these colors are becoming on him. LOL! Here's my latest layout for the OLW blog. Thank god for our GPS. Seriously. We'd get SOOOO lost without it here.
oh! All my goodies from Heather's store came in! *droooool* I think I am done buying Prima for awhile. I have way too much. Well, I have too much everything. I see a few ebay lots in the near future to lighten up my stash...some of the older things that I never got around to using.
Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me. I have recently applied for two design teams. The first is at Magistical Memories. I love their chipboard and their new designs just keep getting better and better. The second is a European based dt called Scrapbook Mate. Hopefully I'll get picked up somewhere. If not, well I guess I'll have to keep applying until I get a spot somewhere! I'm pretty tenacious.

Well, I'm off to attempt to finish the last bit of handmade gifts so I can get boxes off tomorrow. Josh leaves early in the morning and will be gone all week. There is a bright side...he'll be able to come home for the weekends. Hope everyone had a great weekend.



Christina said...

Okay, I know you don't know who I am, but you've been a favorite SISter of mine for a couple of months now, since I've joined SIStv.

I think you are the most amazing person ever. I am so jealous of your talent, and envious of all the gorgeous stuff you have and create! Your family is absolutely adorable, and you are gorgeous!!

You are one of my scrapbooking Idols!! I brag about you all the time, and tell others that you rock. People ask me who I love in the scrapbooking world, and you are the person I always list. Seriously, you are amazing.

I just wanted you to know, that I am your #1 fan! You should probably make a fanclub, so I can join and be the president! ;)

Oh, and I saw that your husband's family is from Columbia, MO. Well, that's like an hour and a half from me!! lol It makes me feel like I kind of know you! ;) I pretend we are friends, when I read your blog, because you are so stinkin' cool!!

--Christina, TinaLynn510 @ SIStv

Michelle said...

I'm glad that things went well with your girl you adopted for the day. I adore those shoes that Josh had to wear! We have those at our local bowling alley too. Dan has that problem too, he's got 13!

I am keeping my fingers crossed. You are such a great scrapper that I doubt you'll have a problem getting on a dt!

Michelle said...

Wow, looks like I have some competition if you were to have a fan club. ;)

Boriquaz said...

OMG Jess how I heart you so, can I be in your fanclub too? I invited you to the whores so I should get first pick LOL!

You know for the longest time I would always bowl the wrong way, I held the ball with the wrong fingers then I learned which fingers and I was like OOOO that's why my fingers always hurt when I bowl haha, dork fan #1 right here lol

**melissa lee** said...

Love all the new scrappy stuff you got!!! Those bowling shoes were something!!!

Have a great week!

Misty said...

I need to be in the fan club too!! I'm still sad you went to Germany instead of Alabama, but I'm happy I get to experience Germany through your awesome pictures and blogs.

Good luck on the DT hunt!

Anonymous said...

lol can I be the mascot?! Pleaseeeeeeeeeee. Your goodies are lookin yummy!

Nessa said...

crossing my fingers for you (dt application)

love all the scrappy stuffs!!!!

take care
nessa from belgium

Marie said...

Great shoes!!! LOL! How fun and sweet of you to take her out all day and do wonderful things!

Love the layout and i know u will get something soon you totally rock.

Karin said...

Hi, I'm Karin, and I found you through SIStv as well.
I love IKEA. Isn't it great? And H&M is great too. It's actually also a Swedish store! I went to a few of them when I was in Sweden and Norway, but they have one here in Minneapolis as well.
Good luck with the design teams. :-)

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

WOOHOO!! Awesome goodies you got there! LOVE embellishments!

H&M is awesome! Especially for kiddies clothing. You have to find out when they have thier annual clearances (usually around January is one for sure). They clearance items for like $2!!!! I miss living and working in NYC because I don't get to visit H&M often. :o(

I will keep my fingers crossed for you for the design teams. I am certain you will be selected! Your work is amazing.

NurseDeah said...

OK, few things...
1) my fingers are crossed!
2) I'm so drooling over all your goodies
3) keep me updated if you do any ebay lots
4) im totally a jessica fan too! :)

Holly said...

Good luck on your DT entries, Jessica! I'm glad that you had a good time with the girl you adopted for the day. I haven't been bowling in ages...makes me want to go soon. :0) And, thanks for all of the scrappy eye candy!

Karla's Place said...

WOW WEEEE!!! Look at all that good stuff!! Love your new lo and little albums! Keep up the awesome work!