Thursday, March 13, 2008

7 Randoms

1. I know how to play the ukulele. :) This is my fave kind to play, it's called a Fluke.

2. I love ketchup on lots of different things. Eggs, tacos, lumpia, etc. I just hate the smell of it when it's by itself. For whatever reason, the smell of ketchup makes me gag. Same with mayo.

3. Man. I've never been big on energy drinks, but Josh started drinking the green version of these. I tried the lo carb version (only 10 calories, no fat, blah blah blah) and I'm hooked. SERIOUSLY. HOOKED. I have to have at least one a day. It's a huge pick me up. After I drink one, my mood is definately elevated and I feel refreshed.

4. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's Disease) a year ago. Previous to that, I had to have my right thyroid removed because of a mass that was growing on it. Everyday I start my morning off with a cup of coffee and a horomone replacement pill. After a couple of weeks of starting the replacement therapy, I noticed a HUGE difference in the way I felt. I wasn't fatigued and after a couple of months, there was an apparent weight loss.

5. I don't like listening to people talk about pain or seeing blood in real life. I once almost blacked out listening to a woman talk about her labor (I was a teenager). Then recently when Sebastian had to have ONE stitch, I nearly passed out again. But seriously. They bound him with a blanket, then bound him more on a stretcher type thing. Then I had to help hold his head still while the doctor gave him his one stitch without any numbing aids. Seeing him scream and watching the needle totally made me queasy, as I'm sure it would almost anyone else.

6. I'm totally stealing this from Michelle's blog, but have you seen the new Sassafras Lass? *drooooooooooooool* I love the colors of the "My Dearest" but look at these pinks!! eeee!

7. I hate hate hate cold weather. Whenever I have to be outside and it's chilly (ie under 60 degrees), I bundle up with lots and lots of layers. Josh laughs at me. I'm talking about double socks, thermal top and bottom, sweater, then jacket, gloves, hat, scarf, etc. But despite hating the cold, I'd still like to see a big blanket of snow on the ground at least once. Oh, and go sledding. I haven't sledded since I was little, living in Sicily. Usually the only place that got snow was the volcano, Mt. Etna. So I guess that's another random thing about me...I've gone sledding on an active volcano. LOL!



Keka0407 said...

no one has tagged me, so I'm stealing this "7 randoms" idea from u! :D

paula clare said...

Hi Jess,
I love, love, LOVE the new sass.a.frass. line...I especially like the little robots. WAY cool...and the extra die cut border at the bottom of the page? TOO DIE FOR! I shall await their debut at my local scrapbook store and pounce once they hit the shelves!

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

Those papers look so purdy! I can't wait to go to CKC so I can get my little hands on some fresh new goodies!

Michelle said...

....sledding on a Volcano?? duuude....that's cool! he the the Sassafras! he he

Mika said...

Hai, nice blog you have. Great to read everywhere the random facts. Hope to see you around. Mika (