Sunday, March 30, 2008


Wow. It's been FOREVER since I've updated, but I've been so super busy. I hope to get some pics edited and posted before the night is through. My sister in law left yesterday. :( I miss her like crazy! She's so much fun. hee hee. I only regret that her visit to Germany was rated G...we had the kids with us the whole time, so she didn't get to see any of what German night life has to offer. But she wants to come back for Oktoberfest in Munich this fall, so hopefully we'll have a bit more excitement.

I got a few kits in the mail over the past week and I'm starting to get that scrappers itch! I have one layout in planning stages and will try to work on it tonight.

Want to get in on some good music??? Josh's band, "Hits and Mrs" is on iTunes!!! It's a 4 song EP and soooo good. And what even cooler? Since they're independent, the music is suitable for all mp3 players...there's no restriction on it like other artist albums. So if you don't have an iPod, it's no biggie. Josh was able to download it and put it on his Zune. :D

We had snow all last week. Isn't that crazy?! But today was B-E-A-utiful!! We took the kids outside and played with bikes and a glider for the afternoon.

Off to clean up dinner dishes and get the kids in the bath. Anberlin has her first day of "formal testing" in prepartion of her speech therapy! I have to get her and myself into bed early so I won't be a robot in the morning. Ta ta for now.



Michelle said...

Oh I am so thrilled to have you back! Glad you enjoyed your SIL. Sorry about the g rated thing. I'm sure she was happy to be there!

Yay for snow and Hits &Mrs on iTunes! That's huge. Looking forward to some scrappy goodness.

Keka0407 said...

Sorry your sister-in-law had to leave w/ a G-rated vacation but it stills sounds like u all had fun! Germany sounds like a nice place to live at, what's it like?

Marie said...

Wow girlie u are such a busy lady! I dont see how u find time for anything. I bet ur sis in law had a wonderful time and it sounds like u did too! Ill have to check out the hubs on itunes i bet it rocks!

hollystar said...

i dont remember where i found you, but i'm glad i did! love your LOs and cant wait to see more!!!

(oh, and i love the swatchs in your blog header!!!!)