Saturday, April 5, 2008

In Vein

I can't believe I forgot to upload this layout to my blogger. I made it for Scrapping the Music, but it's also serving as a layout for a friend's blog for her webstore. You can check it out here: She's getting in lots of new merchandise, so check out her store as well. I think her prices are great, cheap shipping, and you'll be supporting a fellow scrapper.
The New challenge is up at Mojo and have to check out the prize!! It's pretty sweeeet! I used some of the newest "The Dozens" kit for this one, as well as the last "Style Phyle" from Sis. The tags are from a pair of jeans from H&M that I recycled. :) The picture is of a tattoo I hope to get in the near future. The 3 hearts represent Josh and the kids, plus Josh and I always tell each other "love love love" when we say goodbye to each other. I can't remember if we got it from "The Simpsons" or "Bruce Almighty." LOL.
A few weekends ago I found this cute stand at a local flea market selling all kinds of awesome felt and misc embellies. The orange and teal flower is from that. Check out our new challenge and upload your lo's!

I've totally been slacking on stuff. lol. I just don't ever seem to have a spare moment, but all of that will be changing soon. Josh is being sent away again on Monday for 12 days. Can you say blah? But when he's gone I have time to kill so I plan on lots of layouts. Plus, there's OMG. The Dozens is having a DT call! I know tons of talent will be applying, and I plan on throwing my stuff in as well.

Another reason on the lag of layouts is issues with the comp. We got a new computer...well it's Josh's comp for his music, but since my computer is not yet ready, I'm using it. We're having issues moving photoshop from the laptop to this comp. Plus there's issues with the printer and Vista. Blah Blah Blah. I think I've finally gotten the printer issue resolved so maybe I can get some photos printed tonight.
I just found out Alkaline Trio will be releasing a new album on July 1st! Eeeeeeee! I just finished listening to their new single "In Vein" on MySpace. It's only available for 24 hours, so if you're a fan, hurry over to their site and give it a listen. It's yummy.
Speaking of music, have you had a chance to listen to Josh's new songs on iTunes? It's a little less than $4 for the album and trust me, you won't be disappointed. It's Hits and Mrs, "The Beta EP." I hope you'll give it a chance. :D
Off to do mommy stuff.


Michelle said...

...thanks for the link to that cool wall-art! Awesome stuff! Love the pages..and Alkaline Trio..and you should soo apply for the Dozens! =) Happy weekend!

Amélie said...

Love those LO !! Thanks for the link, great stuff.

Keka0407 said...

Oh I wanna apply for the Dozens. But with all that great talent out there, I'll be prob. go unnoticed lol! I hope u get it, you're awesome!

NurseDeah said...

So did you apply? Cuz I just went to look at the sight, and the deadline was today!! I finally am actually going to keep up my blog, so I thought I'd come catch up on yours, and OMG, I've missed alot :( Your LO's look wonderful as always! Hope you are doing good!

Anonymous said...

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