Tuesday, April 29, 2008

holy sheeeee....

I woke up the other morning, just another day in the life o'me. A quick glance in the mirror is all I could stand. How do you wake up one day and finally don't look like you're in your early 20's? I know I know. I'm in my late 20's but I forget that all the time. I don't feel like I'm going to be 27 this year...or even 30 in a few. I have new wrinkles that have seem to appear out of no where. Grey hair sprouting off the top of my head.

lol. That's my complaint for the day.

So I finally attempted a little drawing with my tablet while the kids napped this afternoon. The sheep kinda represents me. Except I said an explicit version when finding my wrinkles.

On to some scrap news.

For awhile I had been planning on a trip to The Netherlands for the Scrap-A-Ganza (a big scrap expo). I decided last month not to go simply because of cost (it's in Euros and if you're familiar with how weak the dollar is, you'd understand why I nixed the trip). Well! Good news! I've been offered a working scholarship which means I can go! I'll work, but I'll also be able to attend some of the fab workshops. I'm totally excited. It'll be a small vacation, which I desperately need.

Here are some old (like last week or two) layouts that I haven't uploaded here yet. Since I update the Daily Inspiration blog, well, daily...I feel blogged out most days.

Anberlin will be 4 on THURSDAY!!! geeeze. The quote on the layout is from C.S. Lewis: "It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird; it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. ANd you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary decent egg. We must either be hatched or go bad." Love the quote. Very fitting for this silly photo of my little girl.

This lo I made for last week's Scrapping the Music. The song was my choice, "Little Waltz" by Basia Bulat. It was a different sound...maybe one that most people aren't used to. I think that's why participation was down a bit. :( Oh well. What can you do? If I exposed at least one person to a new worthwhile song, then it was worth it.

Ahhh. My quasi-political lo. This is for Mojo. The challenge is to use inspiration from Juno and the soundtrack. I chose the song "Loose Lips" by Kimya Dawson. It was theraputic making this lo. Just watching the news and all the BS going on in the world today...it's unnecessary.

Hmmm. I still have lots to talk about but feel a bit tired. So tomorrow I'll post a big THANK YOU blog to some great scrap friends I've had the pleasure of knowing. :)



Michelle said...

Cute sheep! You are still young! Everyone is too hard on themselves and overly critical. And I'm sure that when you age that you will gracefully. I really enjoyed your los and now I'm going to go check out that song. And congrats on still getting to go the the expo!

Anonymous said...

I love the song Jessica!!! I would keep going onto STM site and hitting re-play.

The sheep is adorable!

FUN FUN in the sun, being able to go to the expo! It will be a good vacation for you, away from the chickadees hopfully! A quick breather is always good.

Love your layouts your have posted your are such a great artist!

Boriquaz said...

Great job on the lo's and hey I liked the song LOL.

Aimee said...

congrats on the working scholarship, that's awesome. and girly, i'm 25 and i betcha i got more gray hair than you. mine's so wild it takes like twice the strength color to make the gray pigment go away! eek!

Nat said...

come on you young chicken ;-) LOL LOving all your gorgoues layouts - amazing! Wishing you so much fun in the Netherlands!!!

micayla said...

OOOH look at all the eye candy, I am in awe.
I turned 26 the other week and man that sucks. I feel old and got a huge curly grey hair on Monday. There it was sprouting on the top of my head. I could of cried, but hey ho lets not dwell on it! We are still younf sweetie!
Lucky you for the expo, have fun xx

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Anberlin!!!!!!!!!!!

merryheart2 said...

Jess, you crack me up. Enjoy your youth and beauty, because one day you wake up and your almost 50 and think, 'I didn't look like this a few month ago even. What happened?' LOL So enjoy, sweet beautiful girl.

Congratulations on getting to to to the Scrap-A-Ganza. Enjoy your mini vacation.

Love the song and the band. Very cool.