Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Flatlined Inhibition is my Ammunition

Blog. Blog. Bloggity. Blog.

Life in general seems to be a lot busier these days. I'm husbandless for another week.

Some shout outs before we get to the scrap ish.

A few weeks ago, I received an wonderful package from my design team member Barbara from Scrapping the Music. She sent me a couple of gourmet teas which I absolutely LOVE. One of them was an apple flavor, the other a tropical mix. YUM. In fact, I think after I'm done with this entry, I'm going to start some tea.

Then there's Cathy. You wonderful wonderful woman. I really need to take a picture, but she sent me a HUGE box for our Rainbow Swap. She seriously spoiled me. Seriously.

Scrappity Stuff. Well, I have a few new layouts to share.

Scrapping the Music

Wow. The ladies agreed to do one of Josh's songs (the one currently on my player). I used lots of new My Mind's Eye for this one (and some rubons I've been hoarding for almost 2 years). I hope we get alot of entries this round and I also hope it gives the guys a little more exposure.

ScrapMojo's new challenge is up!!! I used alot of the Rainbow stuff Cathy sent me for this one. Also I squeezed in some stuff from last month's kit from Magistical Memories Look at my little Anberlin. She's a rocker in the making. ;)

FTW= For the Win. Representing Hollywood Squares.

This is the older layout I used as inspiration for the Mojo lo. This was one of my beginner layouts.
So Saturday was National Scrapbook Day. SiSTV had festivities and challenges all day. I managed to do ONE. It was a beautiful day and I just couldn't keep the kids couped up while I scrapped. But it is a good thing I did this one because it made the Cat Walk at SiS today. :) Thanks Lucy for the challenge/inspiration!!

The non scrapbooking stuff. I put a bulletin board up in my scrap area. There's not a lot up on it, but I cut some drawings out of my sketch book to put on the board. Josh saw this teddy bear and now he wants to get 2 of them tattooed on his arms. One in the pink and one in blue (this one has Anberlin's birthday on it's stomach). He wants them on his forearm...one on the inner part and one on the outer. I like the idea, I think it's adorable.

Look! I was ecstatic when I found this book as a Buy it Now on EBay. Why? Well, for one it's illustrated by my favorite illustrator. Two, it's in excellent condition. Three, it's the 423rd book printed. Four, the price was WAY WAY WAY below what it should have been. I think the seller did not know what he had. It's in French, but I didn't buy it for the poems.

One day I'll share more of the illustrations. I did also get another vintage cocoa ad designed by her a couple of months ago. :)

Anberlin's birthday was on the 1st. Four years old. She had a great day, even though it started off with 2 hours with a speech pathologist. She thought it was fun, she felt like she was playing school. I, however, had to try to keep Sebastian quiet in the elementary school while she was being tested. O_o

Off to do...something.


ps-Some new tuneage...check out Panic! at the Disco's newest album. And Cab "Whisper War." *drooool* I did the last layouts while listening to those 2 albums.


Nat said...

Bang- that is a lot of eyecandy here- loving it. Loved also scrappin gthe song of your hubby!

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your los. I'm excited about the scrapping the music challenge. I've got it on my list of fun to dos. Is that book illustrated by Mary Blair? It looks like her style but I was just curious. I like the idea of the teddy bear tats.

And Happy Belated bday to Anberlin!

Barbara said...

Love everything you have shown here!
So glad you enjoyed the tea. I have to put in another order It is always fun to choose what flavors you want.

Shan said...

loving your blog and your work and your sweetie's music! thx for the challenge this week over at STM!

Mette said...

WOW what great layouts!
I just love them all! They are really fantastic!

Mette in Sweden

Aimee said...

love the song... fun to have something a little different. i'm going to try to get one done for this one. also, i just wanted to say that technique you used on the tree on that layout is too cool and looks fabulous. :)

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