Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Arms get Cold

Quick's just a sneak.

Man, things always seem busy around here these days. But it's not a "WOO HOO! This is great!" kind of fervor. More of a "we're getting old and have to spend the day grocery shopping and doing laundry and cleaning the car and doing the recycling, etc." Josh and I joke that we are in fact getting old because we spend our weekend nights folding laundry and watching the presidential race on CNN.

More to come. :)


PS- Most of you know I'm not a big drinker, but I recently acquired a bottle of this:

This liquer is so yummy, especially mixed with a glass of coke.


Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

YUM Amaretto! Try picking up a sour mix, Amaretto Sours are YUMMY! My fav!

Michelle said...

You are too much! I don't know about watching CNN, but i have to do the rest of those things... That sneak is really pretty! Can't wait to find out what it is for.

Cynthia said...

Pretty soon you're going to put ice cubes in your mouth all seductive, just like the commercial.... no?

That stuff is good.