Saturday, May 24, 2008

We're Not Scientists, Speak English Doc!!

Quick update to wish a very Happy (and belated) Birthday to my other half.

Dinner was pretty simple but delish. I made a couple of racks of Baby Back ribs (insert Chili's rib theme song here) made with a semi-homemade sauce...sweet and garlicky with just a hint of spice since the kids ate it too. We had baked potatoes, something we haven't had probably since leaving the states. The potatoes had all the "fixins." I like to stress that word b/c Josh hates it. I guess it brings back bad memories of when we worked at a restaurant and old Texan men would ask for "all the fixin's" in their thick country accent. Anyways, back to our dinner. The veggies included sauteed baby spinch leaves and a mango salsa (given it was leftover from our Ahi dinner the other night).
The cake is something I've learned to enjoy over recent years. German Chocolate. The first time I made this cake for Josh was on his 24th birthday and it was probably the first time I was able to eat it. When I was younger I didn't care for coconut, especially on my cake. I do have to say this wasn't Josh's initial cake request. We REALLY wanted a Funfetti Cake, but unfortunately the store was out of it.

It was a small, intimate evening. The best kind.

We're getting closer to 30 babe. ;)


Michelle said...

OOh, sounds yummy. Happy Belated Birthday Josh! Jess, you're the coolest wife ever!

Barbara said...

I love ribs!! Yummmmmmm dinner and Happy Birthday to Josh!

I love coconut myself!