Friday, April 18, 2008

Shut Your Gob!

It's official.

I'm on the "Juno" bandwagon. Unfortunately, by the time I got to our store, all of the copies had been sold. Luckily for me, we have a tiny rental place and I was able to snag the last copy there. I watched it 3 times. *sigh* Josh, my ever so thoughtful hubsie, informed me last night he bought me a copy on blu ray. Yes!

Sweeney Todd...well I mean, you can't beat a movie that has Johnny Depp, much less Johnny Depp SINGING.

News. Hmmm. Not much to announce. I received my Bamboo tablet in the mail yesterday. The tablet is installed, BUT (and this is one big, frustrating "BUT") I cannot get the software bundle that came with it to install. So right now I'm sans Photoshop, Corel Painter, and Nik Color. >:{ I put the installation cd in the drive and it won't even read it. Or the ONE time it did yesterday, it froze. ARGH! Hopefully I'll have a bit of better luck today.

The new Mojo layout will be going up soon!! Here's a sneak.

I had fun with this one. No patterned paper. All me. lol.

Yesterday I also got a pretty sweet box from Heather's store. I made this layout using those materials. It's for the OLW challenge as well. Our neighbor gave the kids a bunch of gently used toys last month. Lots of instruments, trucks for's great. I'll be posting this layout on later today if you're interested in the materials that were used.
That's it! Time to work.



Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

There is nothing like getting goodies in the mail! Love the Sebastian layout! Can't wait to see the whole page of the sneak peek one.
Everyone raves about JUNO, I am going to have to put it in my Netflix list to see what all the rave is about.
Have a nice weekend!

Tara James said...

I luv the new LO, and scoot over, and I'll join you on the Juno band wagon. I just laugh and laugh everytime I think about parts in it. Bought it yesterday too!

Lynn said...

Love your layout for OLW! Awwesome!


Michelle said...

IN-credible! I know your Mojo lo is going to rock! And I love the lo you did with stuff from Heather's store. Juno is amazing!

Boriquaz said...

That robo LO is too cute!!!

Mireille said...

loved the sneak and the layout! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Watched Juno last week. LOVEd it!