Sunday, April 13, 2008

ho hum hum

One more day down, only 6 more to go until Josh is home again. I so need a break from the kids! lol. I was supposed to take a trip to Poland on the 20th, but yeah. Those plans went down the drain. So to make myself feel better, I bought myself a Polish Teapot from a Bazaar that was held on our base a couple of weekends ago. It's so pretty! I found a very similar piece online:

The spout on mine is slightly different and there's a thumb rest on the handle. But it's the same print. One day I plan to go to Poland though, and go to one of the pottery factories. It's ALOT cheaper to buy it here than in the states! There was a cute blue with white polka dot dinner set that I saw that I REALLY wanted.

Anyhoo. On to some layouts.

Have I mentioned A Daily Inspiration is up and running again! I'm pretty sure I have. Here's my latest layout that was posted today. My silly crazy little boy! He's always into other people's shoes. Early today he was marching around in Josh's army boots. I'm really starting to like the color orange! That and the color yellow. Such happy colors.
The new Scrapping The Music challenge goes up tonight! I suppose I'm giving some of you a headstart, but it's night time here and I wanted to post it now. LOL. The photo was taken the night before Sebastian's surgery back in January. I wanted to make sure we had a recent photo of us 4...well because I'm paranoid and have horrible situations running through my head constantly. Ah,the worries of a mother. Anyways, you can see how sleepy Josh and I look.

Here's a layout I did for Say it in Scrap. It's a cool new challenge blog put together by my buuuuuuuddies. :) The colors are's brighter IRL. The journaling says, "I love it when yo put aside your rockstar 'cool' and go along with what I want to do. Makes my ♥ go flip-flop." The photo is from our trip to Sea World in San Antonio about a month before we left the states. I love this photo. :D

Hmmmm. I think that's about it. OH. If you want to see a cute video, peep this: Ring Around the Rosies. I love my crazy kids.


ps- Yes, those are dish towels wrapped around their waists. I think we had watched "Lilo and Stitch" that particular night and they were pretending to dance the hula....they insisted on wearing them. :)


Nat said...

Those are such amazing layouts!
Love the polish tea pot- never seen this pattern.

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

Awww Jess your little ones are absolutely precious! LOVE your layouts. You are an amazing scrapper! The teapot is adorable!

Kristi said...

Have I mentioned you're my new German BFF? So glad you joined the SayIt challenge and supported a sistah! All three layouts are truly adorable, but do I ever say anything else about your layouts? LOL.

Anonymous said...

That is so ADORAABLE!!!!!! Love the dish towels! So reminds me when my chickadees used to use towels for their super heros capes!
You know I love the tea pot! Hope you have tea to put in it!!! If not e-mail me your addie and I'll send you some! You need some time off girl!
The dishes I collect are Arabia of Finland

Michelle said...

I'm totally digging your los! So happy to see lots. Sorry Josh isn't home yet. Your tea pot is pretty though!

Mrs. Chez said...

Wow you blogged! hooray! Glad your hubs is coming home! Your LO's as always super cute. I stopped by your other blog and things look great, congrats on the DT cord!