Monday, October 22, 2007

busy little homemaker bee

Challenge #2 at the scrap mojo blog. This picture cracks me up. I'm desperately trying to get away from the Hamburgler. And how perfect is that Garbage Pail Kid card??

I tried my hand at decorating some cupcakes. LOL. I get bored. Sue me. Instead of unpacking the last few boxes, I felt like baking. The cake part was devil's food cake. mmmmmm.

Friday we went to one of the neighboring bases for a Bazaar. There were vendors from lots of different countries. I saw these and couldn't resist. I also bought a magnet doll. Josh bought some wine (which we drank last night and it was yummy). There was this cute old german lady selling antique metal toys and there was a robot I wanted to buy. I forgot to stop back at her booth to get it. :( It was so cute. It was the kind that came with a separate wind up key.
Brrrrrrrrrrrr. It's cold here! It's been kinda wet and really cold for the past few in the 30's cold! I suppose one good thing about the cold here so far is that it isn't too windy. I'm from Corpus you know, so it's ALWAYS really windy. Pair that up with cold, and it makes it worse.
This is in my dining room/scrap room now! :) I have it just about full. My papers don't fit in it, but that's fine b/c I already have them in their own organizers. Ikea had plastic drawer bins to go inside, but they were 10 euro each. I didn't want to spring that for plastic. One of the benefits of being military here is they have a program with the german government. All german goods have a 19% sales tax automatically tacked onto the price. Well we have at our disposal these forms that give us back the sales tax, so we're basically getting things tax free. It's only worth it when you are spending a good amount of money b/c the forms are $4 each.'s like have a 20% off saleI also bought this rug, but I don't know what I was thinking! HELLO!??! I have 2 toddlers. This sucker isn't going to stay white for much longer. Ha! Ah well. It's really cute though. We also got a new computer desk, chair, and TV stand for our room. I can't wait to go back. I want to get some spice jars for all my brads, eyelets, buttons, etc so it's all uniform looking.
Tomorrow some company is coming to get the temporary furniture we have in here. Ugh. Thank god! It's so hideous and old looking. Well, once I get all my scrap stuff situated, I should be back in the swing of things. New things for my etsy shop are being planned too! Keep an eye out for that. Cheers!


Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

Love your cupcakes! Too cute! We made some today as well. Not as creative as yours, (basic frosting with Target Dollar Spot Sprinkles) but cute nonetheless! LOL

Your pic with Hamburglar is absolutely priceless! What the heck were our parents thinking bringing us over to take pics with evil looking characters?!?!? My mom has a pic almost identical too (she used to work at McD's and at the annual picnic she chose to torment me taking pics with them).

Layout is awesome!

**melissa lee** said...

Love that layout!! And TOTALLY love that rug!! Glad things are starting to get more homey there!!!

Have a great nite!

Holly said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog. My husband is also in the military. We're currently stationed at Ft Bragg in North Carolina (blech). My husband is actually in Afghanistan, but is getting ready to come back and start flight training. I am SO HOPING that when he's done in 18 months that we can FINALLY put in for Germany. You have no idea how badly I want to go there. So jealous. :0) Hope you're enjoying it over there. It's been fun reading you blog, and having an idea of what to expect.

Lizee said...

omg those cupcakes look sooo yummeee!!!

that unit is on my ikea wish list!!
i thinks its perfect for a scrap has sooo much potential. I want the black unit.

Boriquaz said...

i love your LO, your always so bright and colorful and so creative. Those cupcakes look super yummy too, I'm going to have to bake this weekend and decorate some myself, you've inspired me!

bleeno said...

oooh, i have that same shelf from ikea and i have all my scrap supplies in cute boxes from ikea. i absoulutely love it!

Christine said...

Nice Matryoshka dolls :D. When Sasha's parents were visiting from Russia, they gave everyone in the office a set of dolls as a parting gift. They're cute!

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

HAve to add, your tunes ROCK! I shamelessly come on to rock your tunes while I do my cleaning! LOL

Thought you'd like to know that your DJing is inspiring.

Anonymous said...

You can tell just by your handwriting that you are super artsy. :) Love it. And thanks for the link. :)

Happy Traveller said...

I love all of your IKEA stuff, how cool.
Your LO is awesome, keep up the MOJO.

Michelle said...

I had no idea that the tax was that high. I guess its worth it though. Would you want me to get those plastic things and mail them to you? Just let me know! Love the lo and the cupcakes.