Monday, October 15, 2007

Holy Crap!

UGH. Seriously, ya'll. UGH.

The past week has been one of those ups and downs type of ordeal. I'm not referring to emotions, although I feel like life has been one giant bipolar rollar coaster.

We got our express shipment, although I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned that. Later on that week, just to get out of the house, Josh suggests we go to Bad Windsheim, the neighboring town. We rushed to get ready and speed walked to the train station. When we got there, we tried to buy a ticket out of the machine, but since the fare was only 1.50 euro each, it wouldn't take our 20 euro bills! There wasn't anyone or anyplace around to get change at, so Josh said, "screw it. They never check for tickets."

Now, I'm sure at this point, you've already figured out what happened. YUP. They asked for tickets, which we didn't have. There was a teenage girl who spoke english, and she tried to help us out with the translations, but the men in charge of the tickets wouldn't hear it. Josh tried paying for the fare right there. NOPE. We tried explaining that it wouldn't take our money. NOPE NOPE. Ah, so we caved in and they fined us. And how much do you think they would fine us for not paying for a 1.50 euro ticket? 40 EURO EACH. Here, let me do the math for you. That is about $57 each. I know I shouldn't complain, afterall, it's our own damn fault.

So we got off the train and walked around, but my mood was spoiled by then. I had a little guide book with me and found the museum that I was interested in going to (because the book said it was FREE), only to get there and see that there was an 8 euro fee. Ah well. At least the town was pretty and I got a view good shots from the town.

Ok. On the way home, WE BOUGHT OUR TICKETS. :D Except, no one checked. LMFAO. When the train pulls up to our station, I get off first with the kids, leaving Josh behind to get the strollers. Either he was too slow or the conductor was in a hurry, bc the train took off before he could get disembark!!! ARGH. Luckily for us, there are only 3 stops in that particular direction before the train heads back towards us. I had to sit at an empty train station with two very bored, very hungry tots for about 45 minutes.

Sigh. I think I've had enough of trains.

So we got the rest of our things! Yay, right? For the most part, yes. Except our movers from Corpus were MORONS and didn't pack anything properly. Our furniture was not wrapped. Our futon is FILTHY. Luckily I packed the cover so the nastiness is hidden. Our mattress was just thrown on top of boxes in the crate.

Some boxes weren't sealed.

Some boxes were empty (but weren't to begin with) if you know what I mean.

Most boxes were smashed b/c they weren't stack according to their weight. Well, I take that back. They were stacked by weight, meaning the heavier ones were on TOP, leaving the bottoms to fold to the weight.

My cute coffee maker won't turn on. :( And we need coffee so Josh bought a new maker. It's cool and all, but the stupid carafe leaks like crazy when you pour it, despite the box claiming it's "spill proof."

Hmmmm. The plastic storage for my scrap supplies weren't packed in boxes and some of the drawers are smashed and won't close properly.

Our TV stand is scratched and chipped and one of the casters was smashed to smitherines.

One of our dining room chairs is horribly cracked.

And the worst autrocity of them all is the kid's toy chest. It's old and the outside is yellow wicker. It was originally Josh's mother's hope chest (for those of you who don't know, Joshua's mother passed away from breast cancer when he was a teenager) and his Dad let us take it last winter. I'm just one of those people who makes emotional bonds with, well, pretty much anything that has a story behind it. I nearly cried when I saw it. How do you put a price on that?

Luckily, the main thing I was worried about (our flat screen) made it without a hitch. I'm nearly done unpacking. All of my scrap stuff is crammed into our dining room. I don't have ANYTHING to put it in. Ikea trip is this weekend though so hopefully I'll come home with something.

Also, I was washing dishes and putting them away as I unpacked. I pulled out a brand new set of (in my opinion) these gorgeous copper colored charger plates my mom had given me. I washed them and set them on the counter to dry. About 5 minutes later, I heard a "crack" and ran to the kitchen to find one of the plates with a clean crack through the middle!! ARGH.

I have pictures to correspond to some of these events, but alas, blogger has been having issues for the past couple of days. Well, at least for me!

But for all these bad things, one very very good thing has happened. WE GOT OUR CAR SUPER EARLY! It wasn't supposed to be here until the 31st, but Josh was able to pick it up on Friday. No more trains! No more walking to the store and only getting a few days worth of groceries b/c that's all we can carry at a time! WOO HOO! On the way back from the vehicle processing center, Joshua bought a GPS. I have to keep telling myself that it's a necessary expense b/c I do NOT want to get lost here. If you're on the autobahn and you miss your exit, the next exit may not be for another 30 minutes...and then you have to pray there's a turnaround! Plus it has the option for walking directions which is sweet when you're on foot, exploring old towns. That may be a regular feature on all GPS', but I wouldn't know as this is the first one I've ever come in contact with.

*phew* I think that's enough ranting, raving, and whining for now. Ikea this weekend for some furniture! We're only going to get a computer desk, some bookshelves for the living room, and a sideboard/other storage for my scrap ish in the dining room. And maybe some decor if it's in the budget. :) Hopefully it'll fit in our car.



Michelle said...

Whew! sounds like a crazy experience, moving so far!! Thankfully your family is in one piece....and I know what ya mean about trains...they get old...I rode enough trains while I was in France to never want to see one the bright side, have fun at Ikea!!

Michelle said...

Whew! sounds like a crazy experience, moving so far!! Thankfully your family is in one piece....and I know what ya mean about trains...they get old...I rode enough trains while I was in France to never want to see one the bright side, have fun at Ikea!!

**melissa lee** said...

My goodness, chickie!! Sounds like you have had one whirlwind of a week!! I'm glad you got your car early...and I wish that the movers had been a little more careful with your possessions. Have fun this weekend, though!!!

Michelle said...

WOW! That exhausted me just reading about it. It figures that they would check for tickets when you had difficulties. IKEA will be a life saver for you. Sorry to read about the toy chest. Hope things get better.

Lizee said...

omg thats a story!!
u must be exahusted just by retelling it! LOL
Did you and Josh laugh when he got stuck on the train? It seems like one of those moments where you have to get angry, yet it becomes really

and yay for Ikea! im sure that will brighten up ur spirits:)

tonya said...

You need to make sure you file a claim with the military and take photos of the damage. You will get reimbursement. I know you can't put a price on some of it. But for the rest you can replace.

Marie said...

Wowie girl you have my head spinnin!! Im sorry! Big hug!

Krystina said...

What an awful moving experience. I am so sorry your things got damaged. I'm pretty sentimental about things myself - I would be outraged.

May your IKEA trip brighten your weekend and your space ;)

Holly said...

Ahhh...gotta' love the military moves. I have yet to make it through one that didn't ruin some incredibly expensive piece of furniture, or end up in all of my small kitchen utensils being stolen. Seriously. EVERY TIME the movers steal my measuring cups, mixing spoons, garlic press, etc. What's up with that?!?