Thursday, October 18, 2007

Let's Bring Back Some Positive Light

Ok. Enough of my last negativity blog. Time to move on. I've been scrapping the past few days. Here's one that I can show right now. It's for week 3 challenge at SISTV (Courtney's). It's waaaaaaaaaay simpler than my layouts usually are, but I like it. It's cuter in person b/c you can see how the paper bottoms stick up like post it notes. And if you can't read the title, it says, "Note to Self." Get it? LOL. I have another layout that I can't wait to share, but I have to wait a few more days before I can. I am also working on an altered clock. It's very reminiscent of the chalkboard I made for Misty in Alabama a few months ago. Originally it was an ugly wall clock I got for Christmas a few years ago. It was still in it's original package too. LOL. Josh wanted to donate it, but I told him to hold on to it b/c I was going to guss it up. It should be done by tonight, depending on if this headache goes away.

This is for you, Lizee, and all you other lumpia lovers out there. If you've never tried banana ketchup, it is the bomb diggity. It sounds gross, I know. But like a gazillion things that I love to eat, you have to at least try it before judging.

Hee Hee. I made pirate brownies last night bc I needed to make myself laugh. This did the trick. I need some cookie cutters so I can make cute cookies. :D I saw a huge set on that caught my eye. It had 101 cutters. I was thinking it'd be adorable to make alphabet cookies and spell the kids names. LOL.

Ayte. Gotta go!!


Michelle said...

I love the note to self lo. Very clever! Mm lumpia! I would try banana ketchup if i could get my hands on lumpia. Super cute pirate brownie. Looks yummy!

Hope your headache subsides.

**melissa lee** said...

Beautiful layout!!! So glad to see you scrapping again...I've missed your gorgeous work!! And cute!!!

Have a wonderful day!

Michelle said... cool are pirtae brownies?? love it! Also..loved the page, saw it on SIS this am...=) awesome!

Marie said...

Those are some cute ass brownies lol!!

Lizee said...

ur such a tease...!!!
im drooling over that plate...looks scrumptious! :)

Im still trippin on how u manage to find jufran and pancit ingredients in germany.....

if u packed up ur own jufran,then thats sooo pinay of you!!! typical!...LOLOL