Thursday, February 7, 2008


For the first time ever, I made the catwalk at SiSTV!! It was for the "Blessed" layout. It's funny b/c that layout is a bit out of my ordinary "style." It goes to show that change is good. :)

On Sunday I actually got a break away from everything...the house, kids, husband, everything! It was nice. I was a bit hesitant to go. It was for a friend's going away/surprise baby shower. I only knew the mom-to-be, so that's why I was a bit nervous. Yes. I am shy. I've never been great at just walking up to someone and introducing myself. I can hop into a conversation if it's something I'm familiar with. Otherwise I just sit back and wait for someone to talk to me. And that comes across snobby. Lol. What can you do? Anyways, I ended up having a blast. We sat in the garden area of this gorgeous Greek Restuarant in Wurzburg (Hubland) and talked for hours. I had a couple of glasses of red wine and wow. I was a chatterbox. I'm not a drinker by any means, but I really do enjoy the wine at that place.

Apparently it's Spring Trade Show in Europe over the next couple of months! And if I want to go to any, I can get a pass courtesy of ScrapbookMate! And what's even cooler? ScrapbookMate is going to have a table at each of these shows and will have a board up featuring a photo, short bio, and a layout from each of their designers!! I finished my layout last night for it and I love it. The shows are:
Stitches-Birmingham (England) Feb 17-19
KreaVak (Holland) Feb 24-25
SMAC (France) March 16-18

Buuuut, no shows for me. :( I found out last night that Joshua is being sent to what is called "WLC" which stands for Warrior Leader Course (I think). Basically it's similar to boot camp and he'll be gone for 30 stinking days. As if him going out of town every other week for a week wasn't ghastly enough!!! 30 days???? I definately have to get my driver's license now. ARGH!

I've been working on LO's like crazy, but hopefully after this weekend, I can have a bit of a break....give my creative processes a rest. Ha! I should be able to show more lo's soon.



Susanne said...

omg you don't have your license yet!?? Girl what are you waiting for, the test isn't THAT bad!! ((HUGS)) sorry he's gotta go, at least 30 days is better than 8 months!

Boriquaz said...

30 days, and you just got him back ... damn military LOL. Can't wait to see the Lo's you have been working on.

Holly said...

WLC...yeah, Bryan has that class scheduled right after he gets home from Afghanistan. Lovely. He's been gone for 15 months, and has to leave AGAIN shortly after. Gotta' love the military, right?

Barbara said...

Wow you have alot going on girl!! Just stopping by to wish you a very happy valentines day!

Kelly said...

how much do I love you for that candy!!

It totally rocks and you're sooo the best!

Thank you thank you!! I'll show you some blog lovin after this weekend.

Michelle said...

aaah....bummer about the 30 days!! I have to say, though, it's too funny: your thoughts about the party = how I am: shy, waiting for someone to talk to all over! Made me giggle...also, I don't have my liscense....great minds?? he he...happy day!