Thursday, February 28, 2008

Time for Trouble!

OMG I can't believe it's the end of February!!! Geeeeeze. Well let's see what's happened since my last update.

I had a dentist appointment on Monday. No cavities! yay me! I've never had one, can you believe it? The dentist and the hygeniest said my mouth was boring. lol.

Josh left for a whole month on Tuesday morning. :( It's only been a few days but I miss him like crazy. The kids do too. Sebastian goes from room to room yelling, "daddy? daddy!! daaaaaaaaaaaaaddyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

The rest of the week has been uneventful. I fixed the tear in my couch. You can't even tell there was a rip unless you're face is a couple of inches away from the couch, so needless to say, I"m extremely happy. The kids have been sick and I've been battling a tenatious headache.

Tomorrow I take my international driver's test! I'm not really nervous. I have to do a 2 hour orientation before the actual test. The instructor goes over pretty much what's on the test. I've studied the manual though.

On to the scrap goody. Only one layout to share right now.

It's a combo layout. I made it for my GD spot at Magistical Memories (the circle star chipboard), but I also made it for the OLW challenge. I had a blast at my best friend's wedding. I miss my friends so much. Even if I were back in the states, we're all so spread out. The photo was taken by my wonderful friend Milli. And she helped me come up with the title as well. LOL! Such wit.

That's all for now. Hope to have more to share soon.



Cynthia said...

The funny thing is, I can't help reading the LO title in that witch voice. SO!

Grace said...

We miss you too! At least a lot of us are back in Texas. Get your ass back stateside fool!

Keka0407 said...

I LOVE THE LAYOUT! & I'm glad u got to fix the tear on the couch!

Lynn said...

Love the layout, it''s so cute!!!!


Christine said...

That's good the kit worked.... post up a picture cause I'm curious to see what the tear looks like after you used the magic goods.

Holly said...

Cute the title! Good luck on that drivers' test. I'd be nervous as all get-out! :0)

Boriquaz said...

Thats such a cute LO. And your so lucky about the dentist I wish mine could say the same to me he's like my bff sometimes LOL.

Lizee said...

magical LO:)

Lis said...

Such a fun layout, love it!