Friday, January 4, 2008

more sneaks and potd

The new challenge at Scrapping the Music challenge blog will be up in a couple of days! I had a blast doing this layout!
POTD 2/365. Spot that striped necklace? That will be one of many necklaces going up on my etsy soon. Also added to the mix are some cute ipod covers! I can't wait to get them all up.

POTD 3/365. Josh gets his beer by the crate now that we're in Germany! But it takes him a while to go through the whole thing.POTD 4/365. There's this older lady who comes by our parking lot about once a week. She's from one of the local bakeries. She sells candy out of the back and fresh bread and pastries from the side door. I bought the kids a few gummies today and a hazelnut pastry for myself. YUM!
A random photo of my favorite ugly shoes/boots. I got them for pretty cheap and they're lined with fleece...perfect for the winter. :)



Asa said...

Oh, i really like your shoes! And your scrapstyle too!

socialbutterfly said...

fab stuff, jess!! love especially the shoes and beer-bottles!! ;) and your sneakie is - fab!!
have a nice weekend!!

Holly said...

So much eye candy! Love the boots! And, ,that necklace is FAB!!!!

shopgirlaudi said...

LOVE your shoes. I also LOVE that top your daughter is wearing in another post; the one with the big skull on the front. FAB!!!